Perfect Girls

Wong Jing directs this very perfunctory romantic comedy with only a few touches of his usual crazy antics. It could have used a lot more of them in this case. The film is all too predictable with only an occasional laugh throughout. What it does have though that might at least keep male viewers involved are two of the lovelier actresses from HK. Michelle Reis and Nina Li look absolutely beautiful throughout.

Nina Li at attentionMichelle Reis

In New York an old man is knocking on death’s door, but before he enters he wants to leave his $300 million dollar fortune to his cousin’s family. He wants to make sure though that the male line will not end. The report on the man – Wilson Lam – is not good. He is still single in his thirties without a prospect on the horizon. He is extremely shy with girls – and some home movies show him being beaten up by girls since he was a youth. So the old man mandates that if Wilson marries in a month, he will receive the fortune – otherwise it goes to his nephew. The nephew overhears this and immediately flies to HK to try and sabotage any marriage prospects.

Meanwhile Wilson  - who isn’t really picky – he just wants his wife to have the best of Maggie Cheung, Cherie Chung and Brigitte Lin – not much to ask for – bumps into Michelle and a friendship develops. She is a little rough around the edges as he soon discovers when she brings him home to meet her brother – Shing Fui-On – such a  family resemblance - and a mother who hands out the bats and blades to his triad gang! His own mother thinks Michelle is much too skinny and low class to marry her son. They learn about the inheritance though and soon the mother is introducing Wilson to every single girl in HK. Wilson also “accidentally” runs into Nina Li and is immediately star struck with her beauty. She is the honey trap though. But what a honey trap to fall into! The film runs its expected course with only a share of attractive women and some light comedy to perk you up from time to time.
This is a 'Fallen Angel' ?