Inspector Pink Dragon

This is an incredibly consistent movie. It is almost entirely bereft of laughs through the entire ninety minutes. Not an easy thing to do when you are trying to make a comedy. It’s not that they were aiming either too high or too low – they aimed right for a bland middle and scored a bull’s eye.

Not that this film has no redeeming features. It does and they go by the names of Rosamund Kwan and Nina Li. Both add some sparkle to an otherwise dull outing.

Lawrence Cheng and Rosamund Kwan
The main problem with the film is the lead actor – Lawrence Cheng. He plays a bumbling cop with the humor and charisma of a lead pipe. The story isn’t too bad and he has some talent surrounding him, but he is as interesting as licking an envelope.

In short, the film is about Cheng – a totally incompetent cop – who gets mixed up with some old school friends – Rosamund and Tony Leung Ka-Fai (in a small role) – and they get him involved with a corrupt businessman who is trying to bribe the Govt. Land Authority Office. Cheng goes undercover as a high official and in one of the few mildly amusing bits starts making decisions that effect 100,000 people having to move from their homes!

He becomes infatuated with Rosamund and this doesn’t sit too well with his cousin/fiancée Nina Li. She doesn’t really enter the story until the fifty-minute mark and gives it an immediate lift. She plays a little homely here – but there is no hiding that Nina Li beauty.
thats more like the Nina I love

Both women are charming to watch, but otherwise this is a definite miss.