Fascination Amour

Where is Gavin MacLeod when you need him. Even an episode of Love Boat has more cinematic integrity than this film. You know a movie is totally bankrupt of ideas when in the last 30-minutes there are two flashbacks to previous scenes in the film and also when there are some five quasi music video type scenes to songs from I believe Andy Lau. The plot of this film is so lightweight that a puff of wind would have blown it out to sea. Basically that’s both where this film takes place and belongs. This Chinese New Year’s offering from Andy Lau is an attempt at old fashioned screwball comedy, but it has only the formula with none of the heart or zaniness.
Andy Lau is this shallow, incredibly wealthy fellow who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has not taken it out since. He goes everywhere with his entourage of Anthony Wong and others and does nothing for himself. His mother sends him a marriage candidate – he has had seven previous fiancées – and the two of them go on a cruise on the Fascination Amour. The fiancé soon finds love with a waiter and Andy Lau becomes enamored with Ishida Hikari – initially also very wealthy, but who soon discovers she is down to her last ten dollars. She challenges Andy to get off the ship with her with ten dollars as well and see if he can survive on his own. He accepts. There is also a bizarre and absolutely stupid subplot – no not even a subplot – just dumb routines with Raymond Wong and Christine Ng.

This has all the basic ingredients of the old screwball comedies, but there is just no inspiration here. I would love to send the producers/writers a video of Sullivan's Travels as a lesson in the screwball genre.  It just feels like they slapped this film together in a week or were spending all their time partying on that Caribbean island ! The only reason I can think to watch this is because of  nice performances from Ishida and Anthony Wong.