Conman in Vegas

Wong Jing and Andy Lau return in the sequel to their film Conman. Its recipe is similar to the first one – part comedy, part gambling, part action and part con – though the focus is much more on the comedy this time around. And as in any good Wong Jing film, it is inundated with a bevy of curvaceous and seductive women. For the most part this is an enjoyable and very silly film that is as light as air and about as filling. In the last third it begins to run out of gas and ideas and one gets the feeling that Wong Jing is frantically looking for filler – primarily consisting of poisonous snakes biting bottoms – to make it to the ninety-minute mark.

At the end of the previous film, Lau had ended up with Athena Chu – but they quickly jettison her with a “she dumped you because you’re too old for her” comment from his friend Nick Cheung. Great – that had been my favorite part about that film – that an old geezer like Andy could end up with Athena !  At least its more humane than the way Austin Powers gets rid of Elizabeth Hurley in his sequel – Athena is no fembot.

The pair of Lau and Cheung has added a third party to their gambling/con man team. This is Natalis Chan and his presence in a film always guarantees a fair share of idiotic female cleavage comedy and they certainly come through in this regard.  In their first con, the three of them take a triad boss for a load of money and they are later happily carousing around a pool with more bikini clad females than you will see in a Miss Universe contest when the boss comes after them.

Natalis and Lau escape, but Cheung is captured and the boss demands HK$30mm as ransom or Cheung will start losing his body parts. At the same time, the authorities from the Mainland come to Lau with a proposition that he help them recover both the money and the guy who cheated them out of billions of dollars. The catch is the fellow is living in Las Vegas. So off they go to Vegas to try and scam him out of his money and put him on a plane back to China. Much of the film was apparently shot in Caesar's Palace.

Andy Lau and Nicky Cheung
They end up getting the assistance of an adult film director – Wong Jing playing the same character he did in the first film – and two seemingly bubble headed girls from Taiwan who are looking for a rich catch.  They all work together in trying to bring the bad guy down. I can’t say any of their schemes were particularly clever, but often amusing.
Kelly Lam and Luk Fong
Wong Jing in his never-ending attempt to discover his new “Chingmy Yau” introduces three lovely actresses in the film. The two gold diggers from Taiwan are Yuk Fong with the vast cleavage and Kelly Lam  who can unthread a man’s shirt buttons with her teeth. Nice work, but I would actually prefer a woman that could sew a button on with her teeth! Both are nice on the eyes, but Chingmy Yau they are not. Chingmy could have added about 20 degrees of heat and many more laughs to a few of those scenes.
The real deal - Chingmy Yau
The woman I was most impressed by was Lei Fei who plays the girlfriend of the bad guy. She has one scene in which she displays some very nice acrobatic moves and she has the looks and a sneer that makes her a candidate for some “girls with guns” roles. I am always on the lookout for some new female stars that could kick start that genre again.
Lei Fei
Don’t expect a lot, but there are a number of small very humorous moments that keeps the film afloat and makes it a quick mindless 90-minutes.
NB - Above pictures primarily taken from either Sanneys site or the China Star site.