On Fire

Don't get this one confused with the On Fire series of films from Ringo Lam. No relation. Not even close. In fact, Lam should have sued them for using the name. This film is that bad. One of the more irritating HK films I have come across. It has a stupid beyond belief plot in which everyone is yelling at each other all the time. Pass the aspirin, please.

This is somewhat surprising in that there is some talent involved with this film Ė Clarence Ford as director (Naked Killer, Iceman Cometh, Dragon from Russia) and Francoise Yip (Rumble in the Bronx and Black Mask) and Louis Koo co-starring.

Briefly, Yip stars as herself. Yes she plays Francoise Yip the glamorous and popular HK actress. Tough acting job. There are two fans (Koo being one) who are infatuated with her and do everything they can to get close to her. At one point they think they are becoming her friends, but then a gang of thugs beats them up and warns them to stay away from her. To get their revenge they kidnap Yip (with the help of poor Ng Man Tat), but it turns out of course that she didnít order the beating. And it just gets stupider.
Ng Man Tat - please let me out of this movie !
To watch this film, you would have to be as infatuated with Francoise as the two guys in the film. I mean she is very attractive, but no one is good looking enough to sit through this one.