Body Weapon

Wong Jing is well known as a producer/director who tries to give the audiences what they want. It seems that brutality must be the latest watchword in HK then. Previously with Cheap Killers and now with Body Weapon, Wong (as producer) has a few stomach churning scenes that had me turning away from the screen. There are two rape/murder scenes that went beyond the pale of even bad taste. I simply can’t see the point of the violence being so graphic and demeaning unless it is to titillate the raincoat crowd. On top of this,  the plot is amazingly stupid at times and I have to admit that I would probably have walked out of the theater except I wanted to see the second feature.

The film begins with one of these two scenes as two lovers in a car are surrounded by three men – one in a leather mask – and brutalized and murdered. Two cops are put on the case. Chiu Man-cheuk (The Blade) and Stephen Au are the best of friends, but they are both in love with the same policewoman – Angie Cheung. She likes them both and can’t make up her mind who she cares for the most. Her supervisor calls her in and tells her to make a choice or she will be fired. I guess work rules in HK are a little different than here in the states.

Angie selects Stephen Au and the two of them get married, but on their honeymoon night the three rapists break into their house. They kill Au and rape Angie. She decides to get revenge the old fashioned way. She goes to a homosexual (Clarence Ford - director of Naked Killer and Cheap Killers) to learn how best to revenge herself. He tells her that the best way to kill a man is to arouse him and then kick him lethally in his G-spot. “G-spot?” Angie asks. “Yes right behind his . . . ” – oh never mind I don’t want to give away any trade secrets. So she goes after their G-spots. Yes, this is how stupid this film is.

Chiu Man-cheuk gets into the film as well and he does manage to have a few good fights along the way, but it is not enough to save this travesty. Angie Cheung is very attractive and has quite a nice high kick as it turns out. She  does a nice job here of being both sexy and vengeful. I just wish she had a better film to display her talents. I have seen her in a few other films – the best known being Love and Sex in Eastern Hollywood. Here are two sites dedicated to her with a number of pictures.