My Heart will Go On

When viewing this film one has to be a little careful look the wrong way and you could trip over a cliché and possibly hurt yourself.  Even though I cant remember exactly where, it just felt like there were many scenes that seemed all too familiar. The director threw a whole lot of cliches into a pot and hoped for the best. I think there was potential but weak performances from the male leads and dreadful dialogue sink this film into a morass of mediocrity.
At one point in the film Lawrence Ng turns to his cop partner and tells him to watch more films so that he will be able to solve more cases. Well if some of the characters in the film had watched more movies then they would not have acted so stupidly. A few film lessons learned from HK films that were not applied.

If you are a chemist who is mixing poisonous gas for an obvious psycho and he says thank you for your work and leaves you a wrapped present it might would be a good idea to run like hell as soon as he is gone. The chances are it is not a Hermes tie.

If you are a professional killer and decide to retire dont let your boss know and then tell him he owes you money. Chances are pretty good he will try and pay you off with something else. Try and get your money first and then send him a postcard from Rio telling him that you are out of the business.

Conversely if you are a contractor of a hired killer just pay him off and dont get him irritated at you. Remember that the reason that you hired him in the first place is that he is a much better killer than anyone on your staff is. The chances are they wont succeed in killing him and you will find yourself on the wrong end of a gun very soon.

All these and other silly plot points occur in this film. They are trying so hard for a romantic heroic bloodshed film, but dont get any of it quite right. The film begins with Nicky Wu (who is not a big favorite of mine he basically had Charlie Yeung carry him through his two big hits) delivering room service in a hotel. He is saying to himself Ive had many jobs over the last few years, but this one has lasted the longest so far. Before you have a chance to be happy for him the door opens and Nicky has killed everyone inside with a fork. It turns out that it was not a bad tip that caused this, but the fact that Nicky is a professional killer. He wants to get out of the biz though the short hours and good pay is getting to him plus the fact that he has a bad heart. Literally. He actually has a pretty good heart for a killer.

Soon Lawrence Ng is on his trail and he begins to close in. He is engaged to the enchanting Ada Choi. He is called away from having wedding pictures taken (another bad sign in the world of movies) and arrests Nicky. The gang that Nicky belongs to tries to kill him, but instead kills Ng. Nicky collapses too as his heart gives out. Guess what happens next? You would be correct if you said he gets Ngs heart through a transplant and then mysteriously knows Ngs computer password and then starts to like his taste in drinks . . . and women. One day he walks past Ada and stops - "do I know you from someplace?"
I hope that is a rental !
Many cliches later the film ends.

I continue to hope that Ada Choi will get a good role one of these days in a good film. She does as much as she can with this one as she is able to actually wring some emotion out of it and make me care about her. Her face is like a flawless diamond and the slightest change in light or angle brings out a new emotion and a new side to her beauty.

By the way, she and Nicky Wu are an item in real life, but I can only hope they have better chemistry off screen than they do on screen.