Fatal Love

Ah, so this is Ellen Chan. I have heard mention of her and her charms many times and I must say that this Cat III actress lived up to her billing! She actually seems to be a decent actress – I am not talking Maggie Cheung here – but she is very personable and not at all wooden on the screen. And not at all shy – as she has the requisite shower scene (2) and steamy love scene (1) that displays her charms to good advantage.
That all said upfront – what about the film itself? It is an interesting attempt at a suspenseful and sexy film – and to some degree it succeeds. It has a good idea – but somewhere in the execution it falls short and in the end it is less than satisfying. Still it does have Ellen Chan! – and Michael Wong? That’s a lot of cheesecake to digest in one sitting!
Ellen is a new recruit who is assigned to be an undercover cop. She goes through training to learn how to do surveillance and basically sneak around a man’s house looking for evidence of his indiscretions. Women need training for this? I thought it was a natural gift!
Her target is Michael Wong – an extremely wealthy businessman who is suspected of drug dealing and being a serial killer. She “bumps” into him on the golf course and their relationship takes off from there. Wong though is incredibly nice – generous – and a complete gentleman. He couldn’t possibly be guilty of these things – could he?

She is invited to stay with him – separate bedroom though – no hanky panky – and begins to snoop through the house. She comes across his female secretary having some very rough kinky sex with his assistant – but finds no evidence against Wong. What she doesn’t realize is that Wong is actually watching her the entire time that she thinks she is watching him – but this doesn’t make him a serial killer does it?

Wong seems to have it all – looks, charm and truckloads of money – and appears to be very much in love with Ellen. He courts her until she finally finds herself returning his feelings – all is very lovey dovey – and he could not possibly be a total psycho could he?

The film does have an element of suspense at the beginning, but then loses a bit of gas until it picks up again near the disturbing ending. Again as a parental guidance – there is a lot of nudity – Ellen and others – and some fairly graphic scenes of violence.