Mission Kill

Ah, this is my type of “girls with guns” flick. Lots of action, a large body count and the women are deadly and beautiful. In this one, a big drug bust takes place and the drug cartel decides to kill the Interpol agents who are responsible.

They hire Mr Cool, Simon Yam who runs a hired killer organization as a sideline to his cocaine business. Yam is a tough boss to work for. Failure is not tolerated. One employee is shot dead; another has a finger sliced off. If I worked for a boss like this, I would have a very hard time typing this review by now! He sends out three killers to accomplish this – Eddie Ko, Ken Lo and a female that is unknown to me. The first three killings are easy and efficient; the fourth is a different manner.

Simon Yam
That’s because the fourth target is Moon Lee and we know she doesn’t die easily. Moon is great as usual here as there is both a lot of gunplay and a lot of martial arts from her. She looks terrific doing both. Max Mok is a FBI agent who is trying to help protect Moon – not that she needs much.
Eddie Ko and Moon Lee - a little hide and seek perhaps?
This film is part of the Tai Seng Yam Can Kill series, but Yam’s on screen time is much less than Moon, Mok and Moon’s female partner. Nevertheless, this is a pretty good action film. The dubbing needless to say is quite awful with a few incredibly annoying voices.