Crystal Fortune Run

I have a real weakness for films like this. Stylish, a tad futuristic, chic females, slick action, gadgets and at times  nearly incomprehensible. Well, perhaps not the last one, but the plot is almost unimportant in this comic styled film. I just enjoyed the visuals.

Somewhere. Sometime. So begins this film. It appears to be in the near future and Anita Yuen is in charge of a group of five high tech thieves who get orders ala Mission Impossible to break into the headquarters of the Tung Tik Group and steal the Diamond of the Emperor Chen. This is the key to opening the grave of this Emperor where apparently there is wealth equal to half the world’s wealth. Sounds like a worthwhile effort to me.

During the break-in, Anita runs into Cheung Man who is also there to steal the diamond. Cheung Man is a cloaked super hero type with an artificial arm of great power. Simon Yam is the poor cop who would rather be drinking, but has to try and chase them down. TT Group turns out to be the bad guys and they are very anxious to get back the diamond and have no reluctance in using extreme violence to do this.
Man Cheung
Everyone in this, with the exception of Kirk Wong who plays the evil head of TT Group, looks as if they stepped out of a glamour magazine. No matter the situation, they still look terrific. That’s where part of the charm of this film lies for me. It is not to be taken seriously in any way – just a slick enjoyable romp. Anita Yuen sort of goes through the film like a bouncing beach ball, Cheung Man manages to look despondent, but beautiful and Simon Yam looks cool like only Simon can.