Enter the Eagles

Shannon Lee’s HK debut is an action tour de force. The daughter of Bruce Lee explodes on the screen and it is nearly impossible to take your eyes off of her. Not only is she incredibly authentic in her action scenes, but
she has a presence about her that makes her interesting even when she is absolutely still.
Shannon Lee
Though this film directed by Corey Yuen Kwai is totally absurd at times, I think it is still the best action film to come out of HK in the last couple of years. Now the script was likely written in a day and the term character development is a foreign concept in this film, but the action scenes are frantic, kinetic and exciting. And the film is nearly non-stop action on a big scale.
Shannon Lee and Michael Wong practicing their Cantonese
Michael Wong along with Shannon and three other gwielos are professional thieves and they strike a deal with Benny the Jet Urquidez to steal a diamond from a museum in Prague and sell it to him. Shannon is the enforcer
for the group - she does all the dirty work and does it very well. At the same time, two HK pickpockets in Prague - Jordan Chan and Anita Yuen - learn of the plan and try to get in on the deal. When Wong turns them down,
they decide to steal it themselves with bees and honey.  Both groups try to steal it at the same time and everything goes wrong. Urquidez and his gang try to get the diamond by killing everyone and from that point on the film
goes into overdrive. There is a shootout in a police station which then goes on to a helicopter ride with a dangling ladder and then to a shootout through the streets of Prague that is a 30 minute non-stop action blowout. Then there is a poignant pause
for a few minutes and we are on to the next big action set piece that takes place in a dirigible over the Alps. Benny has a little fight with Shannon along the way and shows that he hasn’t lost a step or that vicious kick. It
was a pleasure seeing him return to the HK screen as a bad guy again.
Benny the Jet - as mean looking as ever
Anita Yuen is extremely charming in this film as the slightly quirky but sweet pickpocket. She gets involved in the action as well.
Anita - looking a little worse for wear
Most of the film is in English with only Anita and Jordan speaking Cantonese. Even they speak English for much of the film and it was a pleasure hearing Anita say in accented English “I am going to waste your balls”.

This was a totally enjoyable ride of a film that literally doesn’t give you a minute to think about how implausible it all is.