Pink Bomb

For some reason I was expecting a wild over the top 'girls with guns' bloodfest, but this turned out to be a very mild comedic effort with a little bit of action thrown in. It is not a particularly well made film – but it has a charm that I somewhat enjoyed. After a while I stopped worrying about the lack of gunplay and just got into the swing of this fun, silly little film.

Waise Lee is a tour leader and he is organizing his little group of five clients to go on a tour of Thailand. To better get to know one another, he asks them to stand up and tell an embarrassing story about themselves. I would describe his own as being a little more than just embarrassing. He is a Christian, he relates, and when he was baptized his fear of water made him panic and he accidentally drowned the minister. This is all shown in a flashback. Not exactly the kind of story I would tell about myself to a group of people that you are taking on a tour! But it sets the mood for this film.

The tour members are Cynthia Khan – a traffic cop trying out for the Olympics, Loletta Lee – a teacher, Fennie Yuen – a cosmetician, Lau Ching-Wan – a taxi driver with a Travis Bickle complex and finally Dayo Wong who is very depressed because his triad has just kicked him out for being too darn nice.

Lolletta Lee and Lau 'Travis' Ching-Wan
Off this crazy crew goes to Thailand where in Bangkok they immediately bump into a Thai prostitute – the adorable Gloria Yip – who claims to be a virgin for sale. Later some guy takes her up on it, but the whole thing is a scam as her partner disguised as a cop breaks into the room and accuses the guy of having sex with a 14-year old. Wrong guy to pull the stunt on. He turns out to be some bad guy with a suitcase full of phony money. The tour group gets involved in the ensuing fracas and in the outcome little Gloria ends up with all the money. She talks the group into taking her along to see her mother and to get away from this “bad life”. They are all unaware that she is sitting on mobster's money.
Gloria discovers the moolah - her 'virgin' days are over
In no time, the bad guys are chasing after them from Pattaya to Chang Mai. We get to see some Thai landmarks along the way, but not a lot of action. Cynthia Khan does thankfully get to throw a few punches and some leg kicks. It is really the goofy chemistry that develops between the tour members that becomes the main pleasure of this film.