Operation Pink Squad

This somewhat muddled film is all over the map, but somehow it still manages to be quite charming and has a few scenes that are quite dramatic and others that are hilarious.
It has four policewoman,  Sandra Ng, Suki Kwan, Elsie Chan and Anne Bridgewater (of Full Contact fame), who are assigned to a police precinct for duty. The head of the precinct doesn’t want any women in his station and so does everything he can to make them look bad. But through luck more than anything, the women keep coming up roses.
Ann Bridgewater - about to punch some lights out
Finally, he assigns them to keep watch on a blind man who is suspected of having stolen some diamonds. Sandra Ng falls madly in love with him. In one very funny scene the women are trying to watch him, but his blinds are down. So Ng sneaks into his apartment to raise the blinds – and through a series of mishaps is trapped under a table with only her head sticking out. The suspect oblivious to her presence is playing music and unintentionally pushing some very sharp objects towards the end of the table. Watching Ng react to this is a classic and finally as they topple over she manages to catch them with her mouth!

The first hour of this film is played almost entirely for laughs – with a few nifty action bits thrown in – primarily through the courtesy of Bridgewater. Then in the last thirty minutes the film gets quite dramatic and engrossing. Sandra Ng is a marvel in this film as she switches from comedy to drama – playing both wonderfully.

A very enjoyable film as long as you can mix the silly with the dramatic.