Story of the Gun - aka Lethal Girls 2

One mini-rant before I proceed. Tai Seng released this film as part of their Lethal series under the title Lethal Girls 2 even though it is commonly known as Story of the Gun. I would not be too bothered by that except that I had already bought Story, but had not yet watched it– so I was a bit annoyed to find out I had two videos of the same film. I expect fly by night video distributors to release films under different titles, but expect something more from a place like Tai Seng.  Ok on to the film.
In some ways this is an interesting film – more for some of the sideline plots than the main one – but it doesn’t have nearly enough action. It basically covers a HK cop Gordon Liu – in a frightful toupee – trying to track down some gun smugglers on the Mainland and then back in HK. The smugglers are Yukari Oshima and Mark Cheng. Liu eventually gets the assistance of Sophia Crawford – an Interpol agent.
Gordon and Sophia and UFO on his head
Much of the first hour of the film is much more plot driven than action oriented as nearly everyone is ready to betray everyone else – from the cops to the bad guys. And time is made for both Gordon and Yukari to get a little romance in and a few passionate kisses. I can’t recall too many films where Yukari gets kissed.
Mark Cheng and Yukari
Another interesting thread is the hostile attitude the film takes to the Mainland. Life is portrayed as very harsh and Yukari – who is the daughter of a high official – is only involved in the smuggling so that she can leave China. She gives this impassioned speech “I had everything in China – except my freedom”.
Finally in the last thirty minutes the action cranks up and some of it is decent, but not really all that memorable. Two fights between Yukari and Sophia are ok. Apparently, Sophia badly twisted her ankle and so they shoot her in the leg so that she can limp through her last scenes.