Tiger Angels

This Philippine low budget film brings together the talents of Cynthia Khan and Yukari Oshima – but barely. It really appears that the producers finished the film – looked at it – realized how bad it was and someone said – hey Cynthia Khan and Yukari Oshima are in town – why don’t we have them in for a few days to shoot some fights.
Most of the film’s plot has absolutely nothing to do with our two fighting femmes. It was sort of hard to follow and after a while I stopped bothering to try. A department store owner is so busy with work that he doesn’t have enough time to pay attention to his young attractive wife. So he runs into some fellow who looks just like him and uses him as a substitute while he goes off and does other things. Or something like that. It doesn’t really matter because the only reason you would watch this is for Cynthia and Yukari.
So how do they get involved? It turns out that they are bodyguards to the father of the storeowner and fortunately a gang keeps trying to kidnap him and the girls keep saving him. It is all rather silly because the same gang keeps showing up and getting beaten up by either of the girls – run away – and then come back another day to try again.
In total there are four fight scenes – two with Yukari on her own, one solo by Cynthia and then the two join together. The fights surprisingly are not all that bad. Nothing that will make you stand up and cheer, but both show some nice moves. One disappointment – ok there were a bunch – was that Billy Chow headed the gang and I was expecting a big showdown at the end with him – but it just sort of peters out. Sorry, no more money in the budget for a last fight.

For those of you with small children, I should warn you that there is one nude love scene. No – don’t even think it – neither Cynthia or Yukari are involved!

Even Yukari would have trouble watching this one!