The Angels

Though this film has Yukari Oshima starring in it it has nothing to do with the girls with guns classic Angels. Since that film helped kick start the entire girls with guns genre back in 1988 there have been a multitude of films with the word angel in it. Some of them are pretty good but the vast majority are low budget knockoffs that have little to redeem them.
This one appears to be possibly a TV production and it had no sub-titles. Still for the most part it was fairly easy to follow. There is not a lot of action until the last 20-minutes but Yukari gets a lot of face time and a real opportunity to act and does a fine job. And how many other films are there that have Yukari doing a love scene!
Here she is a HK cop and her sister (I think) is falsely arrested for drug smuggling after drugs are planted in her luggage. Yukari along with her partner try to find out who is responsible, but every lead seems to go nowhere. Her sister breaks out of prison and now Yukari must break the law in order to protect her. The ending of the film has a few unexpected twists and gets surprisingly intense but this one is really only for Yukari worshippers.