Fist Power

Reviewed by Paul Kazee
Dir. Aman Chang
Starring: Zhao Wen Zhou, Anthony Wong, Gigi Lai, Sam Lee, Lam Suet

After the disappointing Blacksheep Affair and the shamefully awful Body Weapon, I was hoping Fist Power would be a return to form for the fabulous Zhao Wen Zhou.  Sadly, it's not.  To begin with, like Jet Li and Jackie Chan, one watches Wen Zhou to see him move.  Unfortunately, though the film consists of virtually non-stop fighting, one is rarely allowed to see more than one kick or punch per edit, and in the rare instance when one does, Wen Zhou's face is all-too-frequently obscured, causing one to question whether they might actually be watching a stunt double, rather than Wen Zhao himself.

Additionally, the primary conflict in the film revolves around whether or not Zhao Wen Zhou will carry out a given mission in time to prevent Anthony Wong from killing a classroom full of children.  Yet, it is known from the start that Wong is not an evil man, but in fact, a very good and loving father who has been made desperate by unjust circumstances.  As such, the film lacks any tension, as there can be no doubt that Wong is incapable of harming a single hair on any child's head!

My rating for this film: 6.0