Tiger Cage

This action packed cops and robberís film does not have the intricate and clever choreography that one might expect from a film directed by Yuen Woo Ping but is instead surprisingly basic and brutal. Looking back it feels almost like 90 minutes of people bashing one another into bloody pulps. What makes the film work though is that it steadily increases the intensity with the ferociousness of the fights until the viewer is exhausted. 
Ng Man Tat, Do Do Cheng and Simon Yam
Even though in many ways this is a typical modern action film (produced from D&B films) without a lot of time spent on developing the characters, it does have an intriguing premise that pulls you in and a number of sudden and unexpected deaths that keep the adrenaline flowing. A tight knit group of anti-narcotic cops (comprised of Simon Yam, Jacky Cheung, Do Do Cheng, Ng Man Tat, Donnie Yen and Leung Kar Yin) are after drug kingpin Johnny Wang. The film begins with a blast as they have a bloody and lengthy shoot-out through the streets of HK. They capture the drugs but Wang gets away.
Leung Kar Yin and Do Do Cheng
Afterwards they all get together to celebrate the upcoming marriage between Leung and Do Do and the scene also attempts to establish the camaraderie of this group. Unfortunately, this scene is poorly written and creates more of a frat boy atmosphere than one of professionals bound together by the fact that their lives are dependent on the skills and teamwork of the group and the trust that they have for one another. Soon this group begins to fall apart at the seams and an extra amount of character development would have made it all the more tragic. It is still quite intense though.
Simon Yam and Jackie Cheung
The bad guy Wang kills one of the six cops in cold blood and the rest of the group relentlessly hunts him down - often brutally beating witnesses until they talk. They capture Wang, but Jacky overhears something that makes him suspect that something is not right in the group. He investigates further and concludes that one of the members is involved in drug trafficking. Soon accusations of corruption are flying back and forth and Jacky is framed and on the run. Soon they begin killing each other. It's basic but at the same time it is pretty good stuff.
Jackie Cheung and Donnie Yen
Also appearing are Irene Wan as Jacky's girlfriend and muscleman Michael Woods as one of the bad guys who of course mixes it up with Donnie Yen.
Jackie Cheung, Michael Woods and Irene Wan

My rating for this film: 7.5

DVD Information:

Distributed by Universe

The transfer  is very good.


Cantonese and Mandarin language tracks 

Subtitles:  Chinese , English, Japanese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Korean, Vietnamese

8 Chapters

It includes it's own trailer plus The Master, Easy Money and Tower of Death.

The sub-titles are easy to read.

Star Files - Do Do Cheng, Simon Yam, Yuen Woo Ping.