Take Me

Lets get right to the bottom line regarding this film or perhaps more appropriately the bare bottom! This slight Cat III comedy starring Veronica Yip is not much more than an excuse for a number of attractive females to get out of their clothing as quickly and as often as they can. If there was a deep message hidden in there I think I missed it.

Watching this Veronica Yip vehicle it is nearly impossible to see the same actress who was so impressive just within a few years in mainstream films such as Roof with a View, Scarred Memory and 1941 HK on Fire. Of course there was not exactly a lot of opportunity to show any acting ability when the script continues to make you show other parts of your repertoire!

Veronica gets married and on her wedding night the husband is too exhausted to fulfill his husbandly duties so Veronica goes from nurse to cheerleader to traffic cop in order to get him excited. All too much so – as he keels over and dies from a heart attack – but his ghost decides to stick around and look after his wife. He constantly urges her to find another man to take care of her, but Veronica is reluctant. Her friend throws a party at Veronica’s house that turns into your typical orgy with couples in the closet, shower, kitchen – all the usual places! Veronica doesn’t participate though and her friend advises her that she has to get an active sex life going – “we are concave and men are convex so it is only natural”. Or was it the other way around? Anyway Veronica takes her advice and finds a boyfriend, but he disappears into the sea – and then she is tied naked by robbers to a painter. Some guys have all the luck!
So they become lovers, but the boyfriend reappears – and then it turns out that her ghost husband is actually kind of jealous – and so forth. Why I bother with any plot details I don’t know. Again the bare bottom is that there is lots of nudity and Veronica looks . . . . good . . . very good. In fact better than good.

My rating for this film: 5.5