To Sir with Trouble

Reviewed by Jack Sobjack

When I first saw this movie I didn't really care for it, but after just seeing it again I must say there are some good things about it. To Sir with Trouble is a 1981 comedy starring Lui Wai-Hung and Moon Lee (while ZU often gets credit as her first film, TSWT is actually Moon's first movie appearance). This is a straight comedy. While there is no martial arts action to be seen this movie does provide lot's of slapstick humor.
Mr. Tai (Lui Wai-Hung) is a high school biology teacher who has his hands full with troublesome teenagers. In particularly with a group of students who relentlessly try to make Mr. Tai's life a living hell. These five students (one of who is played by Moon) take every opportunity in playing tricks that often backfire on them.
While the humor is often goofy and silly, I did find myself laughing out loud several times. Like when Mr. Tai catches one of the girls cheating on a test by looking at the answers written on her slip. When he confronts her about it she denies it and makes it look like he's molesting her by trying to see the cheat "slip."
This doesn't stop after school. Wherever Mr. Tai goes, the kids follow. Whether he's having a bite to eat with his girlfriend (who's also a teacher) at the local Burger King or going parking for a little romance. They even break into his house while everyone's sleeping. (A side note: I thought it was very amusing to hear Billy Joel's "You may be right" and Rod Stewart's "If you think I'm sexy" over the speakers at the BK restaurant scene.)
I'm not even going to attempt to include all the pranks they pull on poor Mr. Tai. You should see them for yourself. The dissecting frog scene is sick!!! I loved it.
Now the main reason I picked up a copy of this movie is to see a young Moon Lee. Even though she's not the main star, her character gets quite a bit of screen time. And she does have some cute moments in this. My favorite is when her ugly duckling friend is explaining to Moon how high to lift your skirt if you like someone. The more you like someone, the higher it goes. We get to see Moon lifting her skirt and showing some leg much to the delight of the kids gawking through the window (and for me as well). The girls also practice walking "sexy" as they sing and strut around until good old Mr. Tai opens the door and both girls turn red.
If you decide to see this don't expect much. Just sit back, relax, give your brain a rest and enjoy. And don't be afraid to laugh!!!
My rating for this film: 5