Aces Go Places II

The second film in this popular series from Cinema City was also directed by Eric Tsang and like the others it is full of chases, pratfalls, gadgets galore, incredible stunts and a little romance. Now this is all tied to a plot that has the brainpower of a 1-watt bulb, but if that doesn’t interfere with your enjoyment of a film then this can be a fun ride. The emphasis of this one shifts somewhat from comedy to more action, stunts and technological mayhem. This is a good thing because the comedy bits felt weak and the constant mugging to the camera and the skit like nature becomes somewhat tiresome after a while. The action pieces though are terrific and some of the stunts are truly breathtaking.
Beginning soon after the first film ends, the Mafia is still trying to recover the diamonds and kill Hui. The first fifteen minutes of the film is a classic non-stop romp that is hugely entertaining and imaginative. A number of miniature helicopters controlled by a hitman crash through Hui’s apartment window and transform themselves into a giant killing robot. After a grueling battle with this, Sam escapes out of the high rise window by diving into a pool far below and is then instantly pursued by six motorcycles around the streets of HK. There are some eye opening moments here – in particular one stunt in which a motorcycle lands on top of a moving bus and then drives off of it.
Before one can catch their breath, four hoods are chasing a beautiful damsel and Sam fights them off and is instantly smitten by her beauty. She is a major scam artist though and hoodwinks Sam into helping her rob a bank. And again the chase is on – with some lovely bicycle maneuvers from Hui. It turns out that he is the best man at the wedding of his friend Baldy (Karl Maka) and his much put upon girlfriend (Sylvia Chang). Sam manages to botch up the wedding much to the displeasure of Sylvia. Of course, Sylvia often has a good reason to be angry with the both of them.
The Mafia still hasn’t given up and now sends another professional killer to HK. He is called Filthy Harry (but dresses more like the Eastwood character from his Westerns) or Black Glove (brother of White Glove) and his agent - Henry Kissinger! – gives him his assignment -  kill both Hui and Maka.

The plot just gets sillier and sillier – and is often just an excuse for some great stunts. There is a car chase that is quite amazing as at one point a car does a backward jump over another car and then later gets split in two by a pole with Hui driving in one section and Maka riding in the other – and both sections continue to roll on.

Throw into this Yasuaki Kurata (brother of the damsel in distress) who forces Hui and Maka to help him in his evil doings by tying a bomb around each of them. One of the sweeter moments in the film is when Maka can’t disengage the bomb and it looks like final curtains for him – and Sylvia stays at his side holding him – leading Maka to admit he loves her.
Sylvia, Karl, Walter Cho, Sam and Tsui Hark
Both Tsui Hark and Walter Cho show up again in this film – Cho again as the police captain (as he also is in the Lucky Star series) and Tsui as a loony mental patient who thinks he is an FBI agent.

There are some inspired moments in this film – the stunts, a fabulous brawl in a nightclub that demolishes the place, the crazy little robots – and of course always Sylvia – but for me the in between moments and comedy never quite click.

My rating for this film: 7.5

DVD Information:

Distributor - Universe

The transfers for all the films in this series are universally excellent. Crisp image and great color. 

Letterbox - almost extremely so!

Trailer + previews of: Aces Go Places I

8 Chapters

Subs - English, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa Malaysian and Indonesian

Star files - Sam Hui, Karl Maka, Sylvia Chang and Tsui Hark.

Easy to read subs on black border beneath picture.