Mr. Boo Meets Pom Pom

It probably seemed that teaming up the star of one comedy series (Michael Hui) with two from another comedy series (Richard Ng and John Sham) was a sure fire idea, but much of this film felt tired and desperate at times. When they are left on there own, there are some funny routines produced but there seems to be little chemistry generated between two very different styles of comedy. Hui's tends to be subtle and clever, while that of the Ng/Sham team is much more frantic and less sophisticated.
Another shortcoming of this film is that there is basically no plot for these comedians to hang their routines on. What plot does exist is truly annoying and manages to create no sympathy for the characters. Ng and Sham are police partners and they are called into a hostage situation. Mr. Boo is also a cop and he too shows up at the hostage situation and they take an immediate dislike to one another - but later when another problem is presented to Ng/Sham they turn to the scientifically inclined Mr. Boo to help solve it.
After this they sort of become friends and when Mr. Boo discovers that his wife is having an affair with an unctuous jeweller (Stuart Ong), they all collaborate in trying to win her back and embarrass Ong. And that is about all there is except for a few amusing bits (provided primarily from Hui) along the way. Deannie Yip plays Richard Ng's wife in the Pom Pom series.

My rating for this film: 4.5

DVD Information:

Distributed by Universe

The transfer  is very sharp and clean.


8 Chapters.

Subtitles:  Chinese, Bahasa (Malaysia) and English.

Language: Only Cantonese

There is a trailer and also previews for Pom Pom Strikes Back, The Return of Pom Pom and The Family.