Raped by an Angel 5:
The Final Judgement

Sometimes there is an implicit understanding between a filmmaker and the audience about what a film should contain. This is particularly true when it comes to a series of films whether it is Die Hard, Scream or in this case the Raped by an Angel series. There is a formula that the audience expects to be followed by the filmmaker. It may be trite, it may be predictable – but there are rules to be followed.
Gigi and Jimmy Wong
The expectations from the audience for a Raped by an Angel film are not especially high – some titillation, some non-PC comedy, a sense of the absurd, a pinch of tension and for the rapist to have a bloody, deadly ending awaiting him. Certainly every film does contain a rape – but for the most part they are simply cinematic devices in which to build a ridiculous plot around and feature some beautiful women. Little more is asked from the audience than this.
Anita Lee
What the audience is not asking for is to be continually hit over the head with a story that is amazingly down beat and depressing, that contains no humor and manages not to titillate at all. By the time the end credits began scrolling down I felt numb and tired and wondered why I had spent money and time to watch this – there must be medication that works a lot faster than this in bringing you down.

One might expect more from a young and seductive cast that includes Pinky Cheung, Gigi Lai, Kelly Lam, Anita Lee and Li Fei, but director Billy Tang (Run and Kill, Red to Kill, Sexy and Dangerous) simply misses the boat. He veers too much towards Red to Kill territory when he should have been aiming for a more lighthearted Sexy and Dangerous approach.

Kelly Lam
In the opening scene a young girl is raped by an unseen assailant and her grandmother – Helen Law Lan – hires Gigi Lai to find the culprit and bring him to justice. Gigi rounds up four other women to help her out whom all have one thing in common – they are all rape victims - which allows Tang to utilize a number of grim flashbacks. Gigi is a psychiatrist, Kelly a lawyer, Pinky a street vendor, Anita a Mamasan at a Hostess bar and Li Fei is a judo instructor – but none of them are particularly bright it seems. Not only does it take them forever to figure it out (when it takes the audience only a glance), but when Gigi finally confronts the rapist with her accusations she does so in an unprotected environment and seems quite surprised when this madman starts strangling her.

Gigi Lai
The rapist – Jimmy Wong (no big spoiler believe me) – is the coke snorting, Nazi worshipping brother of the girl and so he knows immediately that the girls are after him. So he begins playing with their heads – seducing them, playing them against one another, raping them and killing some of them. Yes – not all five of these sweeties make it to the end. The film plays out like falling into the black hole of someone’s disturbed psyche.

On the positive side! – the girls look lovely (while they are alive)  - and Pinky has quite an in-depth tongue session with another female (could this be where her nickname originates!). From Sanney’s site I got the following quote from Pinky “That was the first time I've ever kissed a woman on film. She is a Taiwanese actress.  Because of a language barrier, we didn’t communicate too well. She was avoiding me and we ending up having to re-shoot the scene four times before getting it”

Pinky going deep into unexplored territory
And its nice seeing Li Fei once again. I think she has a strong resemblance to a young Kara Hui Ying-Hung - and from what I have seen of her in a few films, she has some of Kara’s action moves as well. Now she just needs a better vehicle than this to present them.
Li Fei

(All pictures taken from Sanney's site)

My rating for this film: As much as I hate giving it to a Pinky film - 4.5