Loving Girl

While trawling through the VCD bargain bins in Chinatown I came across this film. Hmmm? Its rated Category III and has both Diana Pang Dan and Tsui Kam-kong in it. Perhaps I had discovered an unknown early Pang Dan film? Or maybe there was a reason that it was in the bargain bin!
It regretfully turned out to be the latter. This is actually probably a fairly recent film both Pang Dan and Tsui look a bit worn around the collar and neither participates in anything coming close to a Cat III film. In fact though Pang Dan is a brothel owner in ancient China, she remains well covered throughout. The film really revolves around her stepdaughter and her problems with men. Now she is quite attractive and does shed her clothes a couple of times but all in all a very tepid and tame Cat III film. Stay away from this one and save yourself a few bucks.

My rating for this film: 3.5