Erotic Ghost Story - The Perfect Match

Before turning my attention to the film at hand, I thought it necessary to first offer an apology to Diana Pang Dan. Even though I quite like her in an odd sort of way, in reviewing some of her other films I have on occasion poked a little fun at both her acting and dancing abilities. That was before I realized what credentials she had. The DVD star file mentions that: she was born in 1972 at Wu-Nan and from 1987 – 1990 she was the main actress at the Peking Ballet Dancing Troupe. I am not exactly sure what that is – maybe a neighborhood community group, but it sounds impressive! Then she went on to graduate from the Dance Faculty of Julliard School in the USA. While studying in the States, she won the Miss China USA contest. Oh and her most vital qualification? – 36 – 25 – 35! She is 5’ 8’’ tall. That would constitute a pretty good resume in my book!

As to the film – what needs to be said? Thematically and stylistically it follows the other films in the Erotic Ghost Story series – though like most HK films these days it looks to have been done on a much smaller budget. It mixes the supernatural with a strong dose of sex to be somewhat entertaining – but the plot (if anyone watches these for that!) falls way short of the other films in the series. This one seems much more a wisp of a thread of a plot to tie some sex scenes around. The cinematography is fine and the women are lovely and the sex scenes are tastefully done. The major drawback is that Pang Dan actually has a fairly small role in the film and is nearly as prim as a Sunday school teacher in May. One sees nothing of those 36-25-35 charms!

Pang Dan has escaped from heaven and the Holy Madam to live on earth in human form. She has married Tsui Kam-Kong and is living very happily when the Holy Madam (Teresa Mak who has a slight resemblance to a young Carina Lau) sends an envoy to find her and bring her back. The envoy tells Tsui that Pang Dan must come back or she will be infected by human emotion and will turn into a half human elf.

Pang Dan’s two sisters (sorry don’t know their names) decide to come to earth to warn her. I should mention that the normal form for these fairies is that of a rabbit and one of them gets wounded and saved by a kindly scholar. He takes his little bunny rabbit to bed and has quite a surprise coming to him, as she feels obligated to repay him. Being a rabbit – one can imagine what that might consist of!

Needless to say, he falls in love with her and it doesn’t really bother him too much that she is actually a rabbit. Sometimes you are grateful for what you can get in this world and you can’t always be picky – you never know when Ms Perfect will come along and if its in the form of a rabbit so be it. The other sister finds Pang Dan and the two of them practice the Virgin stance to prepare themselves to fight the Holy Madam.
It’s all very mild and mellow and there would be no real reason to watch this other than seeing the two sisters reveal their very lovely forms - the human ones that is.

My rating for this film: 6.0

DVD Information:

Distributor - Universe

The transfer is first rate - nice glossy look to it. 

The film is NOT Letterboxed

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Previews: Erotic Ghost Story I, II, III

8 Chapters

Subs - English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

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Star files on Diana Pang Dan and Tsui Kam-Kong