Raped by an Angel 3
Sexual Fantasy of the Chief Executive

A cop obsessed with pornography, naked ladies stepping on the elevator, a woman’s cleavage covered in dripping blood, women being raped by a man hidden behind an elegant white mask, a seductive psychotic, sexy lingerie and a ludicrous plot. It must be another installment in the never ending Wong Jing series – Raped by an Angel.
In this Aman Cheung directed one, Alex Fong plays a married businessman on the verge of becoming the next Chief Executive of Hong Kong – which is the highest elected political office in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, he has more problems stemming from his out of control libido than a certain high office holder in another country does. He is being entertained by a lovely file clerk behind closed, but not locked doors and has begun having vivid fantasies in which he sees naked women walking by or getting on the elevator with him or walking into his office and doing a slow, steamy strip tease. Thankfully, the viewer gets to share in these fantasies! Later when he confides this to Simon Lui, Simon tells him not to worry – all men have these fantasies.
At the same time all this is occurring, a man in a white mask is sporadically raping various women in Fong’s office building and the police have no leads. Simon is the main investigating officer and comforts one victim by telling her  “I know how you feel. A man entered your private part with the most disgusting part of his body. If someone splashes the mucus of his nose on me, I'll cry too”. Clearly, these films are not sensitive and thoughtful explorations of the act of rape and it’s consequences. These productions are basic trashy exploitation films – but often with solid B list actors and a sleek and glossy look to them. The Raped by an Angel films mix a good portion of sex, a high quotient of bad taste, some beautiful women and totally absurd plots to create mildly entertaining and time killing films.
Pinky Cheung – the object of Fong’s strip tease fantasy – is raped one evening in her office and all the evidence – semen sample included – points to Fong and so Lui arrests him. His only alibi is that he spent the evening with his psychiatrist, but he is afraid to reveal this to the public and to his wife. His psychiatrist is the delectable Angie Cheung whose idea of a session is to have Fong take off his shirt and to massage his chest – to release his tension she explains to him. He ends up on a boat with her on the evening of the rape and soon more than the tide is rocking that boat – but it later turns out she was at a conference and the boat sank three years before and just how did his semen show up at the scene of the crime.
It really is all quite silly, though certainly not painful to watch – and there are a few guilty pleasures buried within this nonsense. Pinky Cheung is delightful as she plays a very innocent woman full of life – and when she did her hot as a forest fire slither and tease for Fong I became an instant fan for life. Where do I send my application for the Pinky Cheung Fan Club? Simon Lui does a great take as the slightly quirky porno pervert cop with a Sherlock Holmes mind who eventually sees through all the obfuscation.
Not to mislead any one – though there is some nudity – the two leading ladies stay covered up – though minimally at times - throughout.

My rating for this film: 6.0

DVD Information:

Distributor - Universe

Excellent transfer - crystal clear and the women postively glisten!



Previews: Your Place or Mine, Cheap Killers, Tricky King

8 Chapters

Subs - English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Easy to read subs

Lots of Star Files: Alex Fong, Angela Cheung, Pinky Cheung (Ms Posture in the Miss Asia contest!), Simon Lui, Kenix Kwok