A Roof with a View

Tony Leung Ka-Fai and Veronica Yip star in this very sweet and enjoyable romantic tale of two lonely people in search of love and someone to care for them. Both of their performances are absolutely enchanting and are the main strength of the film. The story itself is very low-key – slow developing – and without many dramatic moments. Instead it just follows in an almost nonchalant fashion the relationship that grows between the two of them but eventually makes you care very much about the outcome.
Tony plays this very open, very caring HK cop who has been traumatized by seeing his partner – Kent Cheng – commit suicide in front of him. They were good friends and Tony often visits his friend’s grave during the film to discuss his problems. Veronica’s character is a bit more complex – a single mother of a young son from a long gone triad member – slightly lower class - a little ditzy - somewhat promiscuous – but with a very good if confused heart. As she says to Tony at one point “I know what men are. But I could never tell a good man from a bad man”. Veronica Yip is so good here – a very underrated actress in my opinion – as she portrays this character who yearns for something more out of life, something better, something finer and begins to slowly try and change her life.

There are the requisite complications of course – the old boyfriend (Ray Lui) comes back, Tony thinks she is not interested in him, she thinks he is only interested in sex with her – but sometimes true love does find a way.

And there is not a lot more to it than that – some great acting, some poignant wonderful moments – a small tale of love out there in the real world.

My rating for this film: 7.5