I never quite figured out why this film was titled Run as there is no running that I can recall. Perhaps it was a warning to the viewer – as in RUN - don’t walk - away from this video before it is too late! As soon as you see that it was filmed on videotape, you can be fairly sure that you are in for a bad time. But I trudged on anyway because the film does have the buxomly Diana Pang Dan and as a public service to her many fans I thought it was my duty to slog through it. Can I get Sainthood for this?
From my limited viewing (though others may conclude that it is way too much!) of Pang Dan films they seem to generally fall into two categories. Those in which she reveals a great deal of herself – and I don’t mean her personality – and those in which she is almost the girl next door – sweet, devoted and fully clothed. Needless to say, I have a preference for the former type and in films such as Evil Instinct and The Imp she can be quite entertaining in a gauche sort of way.
Regrettably, this film is in her girl next door mode and it is pretty awful for the most part. I give Pang Dan some credit though – she really tries here to rely on acting as opposed to cleavage – and she gives it everything she has. It is kind of like watching your kid in the school play – it may be terrible – but you are kind of proud of her for trying so hard. Here Pang Dan cries, grieves, rages and laughs – the whole gamut of emotions and then in the final fifteen minutes fights savagely for her life. Even so – this is still a very bad film.

In the opening scene a crooked boss kills Pang Dan’s cousin and gets rid of the body. Pang Dan starts arduously searching for her missing cousin. In fact she walks all over HK looking for her – and it is almost a walking tour of HK – and somehow Pang Dan manages to change outfits six times during this walk! Not knowing the boss is a crook and a killer Pang Dan starts working for him but eventually discovers the truth and this leads to the final fight.

Now this final fight is a complete hoot as Pang Dan takes on a professional killer and a few of his lackeys and uses both kung fu and some Chow Yun Fat gunplay to get the better of them. This fight goes on forever as people get knocked down, get up, kick someone, shoot someone, get knocked back down and so on.

My rating for this film: 4.0