Another Chinese Cop

For those Diana Pang Dan fans out there – and there must be a few because she is one of the few actress’s in HK these days who still have a fairly steady output of films (low budget as they may be) – there are four minutes of celluloid contained in this film that are a must see. The rest of the film is forgettable within minutes – but these four minutes will keep you warm at night over the long cold winter that is approaching! Now as a moral responsibility – as opposed to a flagrant attempt at increasing hits at my site – so that you can judge whether your children should see this – I am including a few moments of this dance!
Mind you she never sheds her clothes or shows anything but some leg, buttocks and cleavage – but she puts on a little hootchy kootchy dance that will raise the temperature of your TV set. One of the more salacious if slightly corny scenes I’ve come across in a HK film.
Now what was the rest of the film about? Was there a rest of the film? Barely. Anthony Wong and Tsui Kam-Kong are cops on the mainland and Tsui is good friends with Billy Chow whose girlfriend is Pang Dan. It takes a long while before anything shakes out in this film – but finally Pang Dan tells Chow that her mother is ill and she needs money or she will marry a rich man. He says he will come up with the money – and this leads to the before mentioned scene.
They decide to kidnap a rich businessman, but for whatever reason Pang Dan finds it necessary to put on a show for him first. I guess if you are going to kidnap someone it is the least you can do. Well they end up killing the fellow – and frame Yuen King-Tan for it. Tsui “Baldie” suspects it his old friend though and feels obligated to go after him. That would be about it.
What you may ask has Anthony Wong been doing through all this. I am not at all sure – he is in a number of scenes but basically sits around doing very little. When asked why he takes a film role in the book “Cine East”, Wong confesses “Money. Most are just for money”. This would certainly be one of those. Wong is a wonderful actor – one of the very best most intense ones in HK – when he is in a film that he thinks is worth the effort. But when he is in an obviously junky film such as this – he sleepwalks through his role. Now if Pang Dan had done her little number for Anthony – perhaps he would have woken up!

My rating for this film: 5.0