What is going on here? Either Jordan Chan owed someone a big favor or someone was holding a gun to his head. Id hate to think that this was the only work he can get. This is almost certainly the worst HK film I have seen this year if not the worst ever.

Cop. Jordan Chan. With a title like that and Jordan Chan starring in it one has hope that it might be a small drama involving the police. Think again. I have no idea why it is titled cop other than to sucker in people like myself as there is not a cop in sight certainly not when you need one. If there had been I would have had them arrest the producers of this film.

Jordan actually plays a physical education teacher. Nothing against physical education teachers, but it does not make for stirring drama. The high point of this film is when Jordan accidentally hits another teacher with a soccer ball and they have . . now hold on to your hats . . . a shoot out with soccer balls. I could hardly control my excitement.

Other than that, you have fifty or so kids running around like they have some nervous disease and some other people hunting down a ghost. It is worse than you can imagine. I truly felt sorry for Jordan for being in such a mess. Jordan time to get a new agent!

For the first and I hope only time:

My rating for this film: 0