Evil Cat

Lau Kar Leung has been waiting fifty years for this day to arrive and it finally does. Evil has been resting deep beneath the ground waiting for this day as well. Every fifty years this cat like demon reappears in the world creating havoc and destruction. This is its final and ninth life – but as in all its previous incarnations a member of Lau’s family is waiting to do battle with it.

This obscure 1986 Cinema City film written by Wong Jing is fairly enjoyable. Though it has a low budget horror/fantasy look to it and a “B” cast, it still manages some cheesy special effects, a bit of wire work, a couple good action scenes and a generally fun hyperactive tone in which it does not take itself too seriously.  The legendary kung-fu director and actor Lau Kar Leung still shows some good moves at his age here as he plays a man who has prepared himself by learning the arts of kung-fu and magic since he helped his father combat this beast fifty years previously.

The cat demon enters a high rise office building and slaughters all of the security guards – ripping off heads and limbs in the process – and only the president of the company Mr. Fan seems to have survived. Later that night at his home, his driver Mark Cheng walks out the verandah door and finds Fan kneeling down at the fish pond and when he turns around he has a fish in his mouth and is snarling. He has been possessed by the demon and now needs to kill Cheng.
Mark Cheng and Wong Jing
In a wild car chase Cheng escapes and finds Lau and the two of them team up to track down the demon to try and kill it. Before long the demon shifts into a female body and this demon woman goes on a killing rampage first at a hospital and then turns its wrath on a police station. Wong Jing plays the investigating cop who doesn’t believe Lau’s story that this woman is really a demon – not that is until he sees her punch a hole right through a cop’s stomach and out the other side and then casually rip off another’s head!
This is all rather gruesome fun and the pace of the film picks up considerably over the last 20-minutes. This all leads to the final showdown that doesn’t quite go as the viewer might expect.

My rating for this film: 6.5