Close Escape

For most of its 90-minute running time, this low budget action film is fairly standard good guy/bad guy stuff, but then in it’s last 20-minutes it does get somewhat suspenseful and has a terrific final fight. The film also has a solid cast of Max Mok, Aaron Kwok (in his first role according to the HK Database), Dick Wei and Yukari Oshima (billed here as Yukari Tsumura).
Mox, Kwok, Wei and Yukari
Max Mok’s brother is a cop in cahoots with Dick Wei to steal some diamonds, but after the theft the brother is betrayed by Wei but not before he hides the diamonds. Mok (who is a medical student with a pretty good punch) teams up with his brother’s partner – Aaron Kwok – to track Wei down.

Instead though Wei is able to frame Mok for murder and Mok is on the run and he soon bumps into a demure young female that he takes hostage – Yukari Oshima. At first I was worried that this was a Yukari impersonator as she nearly faints at the sight of blood and screams when she sees a cockroach! Don’t worry – Yukari is actually a killer hired by Wei to find the diamonds.

Though Yukari doesn’t show up until the 40 minute mark – she has some good screen time and one short but impressive flurry of kicks – and then the final brutal fight in which she shows a few amazing moves – with a combination of over the head kicks and somersaults. No doubt though a lot more of Yukari would have improved this film. Wei as usual plays the bad guy with a wonderful cool sleekness that always leaves me wanting to see more of him.

My rating for this film: 6.5