General Stone

Watching Polly Shang Kwan weave her way through a group of bad guys like a reaper though a wheat field is truly a pleasure. With a short sword in each hand she makes quick work of a number of her enemies in this one and shows no mercy whatsoever. It was kind of enjoyable seeing this side to her – often her characters tend to be light hearted – but here she is all business.
Wing Chow has taken away the throne from Polly’s clan – the Tangs – and she is assisting them in regaining power. In an early scene Wing Chow’s soldiers are cruelly slaughtering the inhabitants of a village sympathetic to the Tang’s and Polly leaps down from a building and just rips through them. In one lovely moment she thrusts her sword through a guy coming up behind her – simultaneously grabbing his sword and throws it into the chest of an oncoming fellow. When she is finally surrounded by too many of them – she simply does a backward flip on to the roof of the building leaving them open mouthed down below.

Another thread of the film left me a bit confused – but it seems that a stone statue fathered a Tang follower – and all these statues in a tomb teach him kung fu to fight Wing Chow. I don’t know what that was all about but there are a few cool scenes. Of course this was done in the days before computer graphics and the statues are simply men made to look like statues. Today they would spend a ton of money to provide the same effect.

This was a pretty good flick for this kind of thing and had a lot of things going on. Wing Chow hires a group of expert killers – all with different killing M.O.s - to deal with Polly and she has to take them on one by one.

My rating for this film: 7.5