The Inspector Wears Skirts

I love silly little "B" films like this one that are filled to the brim with some of my favorite "B" actresses (though Amy Yip was regrettably not in this film as she is credited in some places). There is just a corny charm about these low budget films that I find very appealing. There isn’t much doubt that the inspiration for this four film series was the American film Police Academy – but doing it within the framework of a girls with guns film makes it feel fresh and offbeat. And can you imagine Hollywood doing a comedy film like this – where the women often brutally beat up the men and are on occasion whacked around pretty well themselves.

Though the film’s focus is primarily of a comedic nature, there is some action at the beginning and end of the film with a few bits in between. The comedy is somewhat juvenile but good natured with Sandra Ng leading the way, while the action though not top tier is not at all bad with Cynthia Rothrock contributing nicely.

In fact, the film opens with a terrific action scene as Cynthia and Sibelle Hu prevent some Ninjas from assassinating a Royal personage visiting HK. Cynthia shows some very acrobatic moves – while Sibelle looks better than I have ever seen her. Not only does she look quite stunning in this film – but her action choreography is very competently done as she delivers a few excellent kicks. The two of them take out the Ninjas with the last one being hauled up a flagpole and blown to pieces!
Ann Bridgewater, Sandra Ng, Kara and Sibelle
After this exhilarating opening, the film settles down for the next hour into basic comedy. Bill Tung requests that Sibelle train a special cadre of women officers to become an elite fighting force. Some of these turn out to be Ann Bridgewater, Kara Hui Ying-Hung, Sandra Ng, Ellen Chan and many others that I don’t know but have seen in a bunch of films. What qualifications these women have other than being quite attractive (except for ugly duckling Sandra!) I don’t know – but it makes for great viewing!
So they go through arduous training – learn how to work together – but also find time to romance and compete against a men’s SWAT team being trained by Stanley Fung. In one training exercise the girls have to outrun lighted gasoline – and the outtakes show how dangerous this was. Much of the comedy revolves around poor Sandra trying to find some man – any man – to romance her and Stanley falling head over heels for the tough as nails Sibelle. There is also a martial arts contest – in which Kara looks swift and deadly as she makes mincemeat of her male counterpart. Kara in fact looks great throughout this film and has a few choice scenes.
Group, Ellen Chan, Sandra, outrunning the gasoline!
Of course all fun things must come to an end and the two groups are assigned to protect some valuable jewels at a fashion show – though the girls are brought along only as “flower vases” so that the men don’t look too conspicuous. No need to say who saves the day! Jeff Falcon plays one of the baddies here – and has a few good gos with Cynthia, Kara and a few others. At one point two of the girls grab his arms, take a running jump off a table and body slam him into a wall. That had to hurt (I found this Jeff Falcon site on the web).
Stanley Fung, Sibelle, Sandra, Jeff Falcon, Kara and Cynthia
This Jackie Chan production is all good fun. Part of whether you might like this or not probably depends on whether you are a fan of some of these actresses – which I certainly am. Cynthia looks so much better in her HK productions than in her US films. Kara never ceases to amaze me with how smooth and fast she can move – like a panther – and I really wish she had gotten roles in some of the “A” films to showcase her skills. Sandra mugs throughout – but is quite effective and funny at times – while I think Ann Bridgewater is simply lovely and I like her in everything I see of hers.

My rating for this film: 8.0