The Wild Ones

Tough teenage girls gone bad is occasionally a subject that HK films delves into – Sexy and Dangerous, Now or Never, Girls Gang – and this one are a few. This 1989 film has Loletta Lee, Fenny Yuen, Irene Wan and Chan Ka-ling as four troubled teenaged girls looking for fun in all the wrong places. Don’t let the title mislead you though, the Wild Bunch these girls are not and it becomes clear fairly early that behind those snarls is a kitty cat waiting to come out. The film makes a stab at being socially relevant, but that is really neither here nor there – the main pleasure of this film comes from watching Loletta and Fennie play tough behind chewing gum and cigarettes. When the foulest insult is Fennie telling someone “Go eat banannas!” you know these girls won't be robbing banks any time soon!
Fennie, Loletta, Fennie again and Irene Wan
Olivia Cheng is a counselor in Canada where one day the cops tell her to go back to HK where she can do some good and oddly enough she does – leaving behind her hunky boyfriend Simon Yam to deal with those Canadian winters
Olivia, Simon and Fennie
In HK she gets a job as a guidance counselor in a Girls Home where underage girls get sent for committing minor criminal acts. Loletta is here for smashing her wealthy father’s girlfriend’s face through a car window, Fennie for pimping her best friend – Chan Ka-ling – and Irene Wan for not being able to pay for a meal. Just girls having a little fun.
Chan Ka-ling, Loletta, Fennie
The film follows that basic To Sir with Love premise as Olivia tries to break through the tough façade to the real girl underneath. Part of that is investigating the girl’s lives and families to see what the underlying cause is for their behavior. During her investigations, she realizes that one of the girls is her half sister – now what are the chances of that. None of this is very original.
What’s kind of fun again is just the girls. There are plenty of fights among them – Loletta and Fenny take some pretty good whacks at one another and eventually a couple of the girls get in trouble with a triad gang – but thankfully it turns out that Olivia is also a kung-fu expert! Always a plus on the resume. She breaks into a brothel and takes on the triad gang - now thats a girl's counselor for you.
Chan Ka-ling, Tommy Wong, Olivia and Loletta
Not a riveting film by any means – but if any of these actresses are favorites of yours it is an easy way to pass 90 minutes.

My rating for this film: 6.0