Little Heroes Lost in China

Reviewed by Jack Sobjack

Of all the Moon Lee movies I have seen, this one has the most unusual cast. While usually paired with Yukari Oshima, Cynthia Khan or Sibelle Hu, her co-stars in this film are six children. I had no idea what to expect when I first watched Little Heroes. But my doubts were soon put to rest when the movie opened with a spectacular fight scene that Moon fans will surely treasure.
This 1995 action/adventure film mainly takes place in the forests of China. An American family is invited to China by the Biological Research Center but the film never explains why. As soon as they arrive at the airport their luck takes a turn for the worst. This is also where we are introduced to the main antagonists -- two brutish Americans who plan on stealing the Antique Drum from the Scared Land of the Isolated Valley.
On their way to obtain a forest permit, the family gets separated from their son, Jack, when he falls down the side of a mountain while exploring an old abadoned hut. Five children discover a bruised and weary Jack shortly thereafter. At first the children mistake him for a monkey, but then make him a member of their group. Some of the funniest moments are when the children fight with the other village's loggers. The action is very cartoonish but the kids' display of kung fu is very impressive.
When the two American bad guys take the Little Heroes hostage, Moon lee comes to their aid. But it will take the help of her sister and another female from the opposing village to take down these mammoth thugs. As with the opening fight scene, this final fight is incredible with everyone taking punishment. Moon fans won't be let down.
My only complaint is that I thought Moon should have had more screen-time. A lot of the film is spent on the children and while those scenes are entertaining, I would have rather been watching Moon. So far this has been her most recent film, but I sure hope it isn't her last. Hong Kong Cinema needs this Femme Fatale. It just isn't the same without her. Maybe she could make Angel 4 and have Yukari Oshima return as the twin sister of Madam Yeung. Just think of what it could do for their careers, not to mention how much the fans would love to see that reunion.
My rating for this film: 6.5