Bury Me High

Reviewed by Jack Sobjack

This highly entertaining action film is about the Asian belief of Geomancy (Divination by means of lines and figures or by signs from the earth). Before I get into my review I'd like to stress the importance of paying close attention to the very beginning of this movie. If you don't, you'll have many questions later on.
Corey Yuen and Paul Chun Pui
The film opens with 2 geomancers (Paul Chun Pui and CoreyYuen) searching Indochina's wilderness for their dream burial place (To keep this from becoming confusing, I'll refer to the two geomancers as "Good Geo" and "Evil Geo"). After discovering the scared burial place, the evil geo declares he wants to be buried in the site where power will be bestowed on his future descendants; so that they may become mandarins, generals or presidents. However, if a man evil in nature is buried there his children would be blessed with power, but millions would die. So good geo tries to convince him that the Conqueor Locale (the site which represents wealth) is the site he wants. When evil geo realizes he's been deceived by his partner, he and a blood thirty mob go hunting for some geomancer hide. The good geo makes an escape by jumping aboard a peasant's boat. Even though his escape is a success, the peasant is shot. As he's dying he tells the geomancer his wish is to be buried in the Conqueor Locale so no longer will his family be poor. The good geo promises to grant the peasant his last request and vows to himself that one day he will be buried in the "Wisdom" site. Are you following me so far?
Moon Lee and Chin Kar Lok
Okay, now in case you're thinking, "Damn, Jack, why not just spoil the whole movie!" I wouldn't think of it. All of this happens within the first ten minutes! That is why earlier I stressed the importance of paying close attention from the start. If you don't, like me, you'll end up being confused when characters are referring to the information provided earlier and you'll have to back-track to the beginning.
Moon Lee and Sibelle Hu
Fast forward to about 20 years later. Moon Lee: a wealthy Los Angeles business-woman is having problems with her computer company. Wisely (Chin Kar Lok): Computer hacker with powers of geomancy and IQ of 200 is having brain trouble. A malignant tumor to be exact. Coincidence? I think not! With good fortune brought upon one's family there's a catch: If the remains of the ancestor(s) are not unearthed in 24 years or the main grave is not destroyed, good fortune will take a turn for the worst. Hence the current problems of Moon and Chin, and where their adventure begins.
What a terrific movie I thought this was. Excellent story, interesting characters, great cast and exotic locales. Everything from Moon looking very elegant in her designer outfits to the menacing General Nguen played by Yuen Wah and his sister played by Sibelle Hu to the unique camera angles. I could keep going but I think you get the idea. And if not I'll be a little more specific. You must see this film! While I don't expect you to enjoy it as much as I did, you'll certainly find it entertaining. And the last few minutes of this film alone is worth the price of admission. And did I say how great Moon looked?

My rating for this film: 9.0

Tsui Siu Ming (also directed), Sibelle and Yuen Wah

DVD Information:

Distributor - Universe

The transfer is very nice - some scenic landscape shots that come out great - and the interior scenes look good.


Trailer & preview of Miracle Fighters (looks cool whatever it is)

8 Chapters

Subs - English, Chinese, Bahasa (Malaysia)

Star files - None

The subs are easy to read - nice and large.