Nocturnal Demon

Reviewed by Jack Sobjack

Warning: While Moon Lee fans will certainly enjoy her performance and quite possibly enjoy the movie as well, I have a distinct feeling that this film can only be enjoyed by a select few. Then again, maybe not. This is one of those movies you just have to see for yourself. The purpose of the review here is to provide a brief, yet informative description (without any spoilers) of what this movie is about and if I liked it. Now that that's out of the way, shall we proceed?

The Noctural Demon -- A psychotic killer brutally slashes his (usually female) victims to death when nightfall shrouds the city. Sounds like this could be a pretty scary movie doesn't it? Actually, this is a comedy. A very bizarre comedy! But you wouldn't expect that from its disturbing first couple of minutes. Then the beginning credits and cheesy synth music start and you realize you're in for a strange ride.

Moon and Yuen Wah
Now the highlight of any film starring Moon Lee is...Moon Lee. The ever-perky Moon is even more perky than usual. Here she plays Wawa, a seventeen-year-old girl from the Mainland that's visiting her relatives. And she looks cute as ever sporting a bob hairstyle. On the way to her relatives she witnesses a jewelry store being robbed by none other than Yuen Wah. Seeing that the bumbling cops are having trouble detaining him, Moon lends some assistance by kicking the crap out of Wah while wearing roller skates. This scene is a favorite among hardcore Moon fans and it's easy to see why.
Moon, Alfred Cheng and Billy Lau
When Moon arrives at her relative’s place she is greeted by her blind grandfather and dorky cousin (Alfred Cheng). I'm not sure who played the grandfather but he almost steals the show. Some of the funniest moments involve him. Like when he gives Alfred Cheung money to buy him some nice clothes. Instead, Alfred goes to a thrift store and picks out some cheap shirts. One of the shirts he picks out for gramps has a Betty Boop design on it!
Things start to go wrong for Moon and Alfred when Alfred is mistaken for the lighter-fluid inhaling psycho that's been murdering young women and feeding them to his pet fish. Things get even worse when Moon is thought to be an accomplice. When the police start pursuing them they realize they must catch the killer themselves to clear their names. More hilarious moments are when they use various disguises in their quest for the killer.
Most people might think of Moon Lee as an action actress and rightly so, however after watching The Nocturnal Demon you will get to see what a natural talent she has for comedy. Her expressions are so animated and energetic it's impossible not to smile.

My rating for this film: 8.5 (Although Moon's performance deserves a 10)

I have to thank Jack for getting me to watch this Moon film. Her performance here has to be very close to being one of my very favorites of hers. She has four excellent action scenes – but you expect that from Moon. What is so wonderful here is just how incredibly funny and cute she is. There is a scene in which she tries so hard to seduce the killer by acting out her version of being sexy that had me in total hysterics. One false eyelash ends up below her eye and her shoulder padding turns out to be bread roles that she munches on when she miserably fails.

The film is directed by Ricky Lau (Mr. Vampire) with cameos from Richard Ng (cab driver), Corey Yuen Kwai (as an irate husband), Billy Lau (as a loanshark) and Anthony Chan (as a cop).