Electrical Girl

I think the answer to California’s power shortage may well be at hand and its name is Electrical Girl. Electrical Girl, played by Sophie Ngan, has the ability to generate energy in a somewhat unusual manner, but there are a few complications of course. As the film opens Sophie climbs into the sudsy bath and turns to the camera and declares “When men wank they usually do it in bed, and when women wank they love to do it while taking a bath because of the shower spray. I love using a light-bulb.” She goes on to say quite a bit more after this, but I have to confess that I had stopped listening. I have always had a problem listening when my eyes are popping out – and Sophie in a bath is definitely eye-popping material. Sophie then goes on to show us how she utilizes a light bulb – Thomas Edison would be proud - and lo and behold there is light. It turns out that when Sophie orgasms, she generates electricity. This is certainly a useful skill for when a fuse blows and you find yourself in the dark, but it has a downside as well. It plays hell with Sophie’s love life.
Regrettably, Sophie has discovered that if she is with a man when she hits the accelerator, the fellow will take on the look of a piece of burnt toast. So poor Sophie can only turn to her 100-watt light bulb in times of need, but light bulbs have their limitations. Sure they are handy, easily replaceable and fit in your purse, but can you take them to a karaoke bar to sing the night away or will they remember your birthday? Sophie is just a simple girl looking for love and a chance to hit the Mark VI Lottery.
She falls in love with her new boss, Jimmy Wong Shu Ki, but is afraid to take the relationship any further in fear of losing control and turning Jimmy into a burnt offering. So she turns to the master of tacky Cat. III films, Charlie Cho, for therapy. Charlie has likely had more simulated sex on screen than any other living actor and though he is getting on a bit in age he is still only too happy to take on these chores. He is a doctor in this one with a nose that tends to bleed whenever one of his female patients disrobes in front of him. Being a man of medicine (and a horny bugger to boot), he volunteers to see if he can cure Sophie’s malady by having sex with her. He comes to her bedside with a new definition of safe sex – as he is covered from head to toe in material that should protect him from the electric chair and also encased within seven condoms  – it just saves his life, but his expensive sound system is not so lucky. Sophie on the other hand begins shouting out the numbers to the next Mark VI drawing while in the throes of an orgasm – but like most men Charlie leaves her two numbers short of the final climax.
Now realizing that the key to riches is within her reach – with the right man of course – Sophie wants as much sex as she can get – but her boss turns out to be impotent. So naturally she turns to becoming a hostess girl under the guidance of Yuen King. Some of her customers are Lee Siu Kay (also the producer of this film), Hui Siu Hung and his oft time Milkyway partner, Lam Suet (in dreadlocks and speaking the worst English imaginable) – but poor Sophie just can’t find a man capable of getting her to that final number!
Needless to say this is a silly film, but not nearly as zany as it sounds. Much of it besides Sophie falls very flat and appears labored. Sophie is a delight though as she attempts to pump up this film and give it some pizzazz. This is her second foray into Cat III films (the first being Naked Poison) and this time around the film is nearly 100% Sophie from beginning to end and is quite revealing. She is fast becoming my favorite current Cat. III actress. Appearing also in this as her three friends at work are Teresa Mak, Crystal Cheung and Grace Lam.

My rating for this film: 5.0 for the film – 8.0 for Sophie Ngan!

DVD Information:

Distributed by Universe

The transfer looks just fine - decent production values for such a low budget film.


Cantonese and Mandarin language tracks

8 Chapters

The subtitles are Chinese or English.

There is a trailer for this film - plus ones for Cheaters, Legend of a Professional and Forever and Ever.