Chasing Girls

I have been told that when this film came out in 1981 it was extremely popular and to some degree it was a groundbreaking film in the way it mixed slightly risqué comedy with action. It was one of Cinema Cityís first films and itís success helped generate many such similar films afterwards. Time of course can treat all of us more poorly than we like and this film is no different. Twenty years after the fact, this film clearly shows its age. Comedy perhaps more than most film genres seem to age quickly and have time pass them by.

Directed by Kara Maka, it stars Dean Shek and Eric Tsang as two footloose and free men on the prowl for available women. The film begins in New York City where Dean (attired in an Afro) is happily seducing gweilo females much to the dismay of his mother. She tells him enough is enough and sends him back to Hong Kong to find a good Chinese woman who can control him.

He hooks up with his cousin Eric who has had no success with the opposite sex and Dean sets out to teach him how to get women. Dean sets his eye on a model (Flora Cheng), and has Eric come along for lessons. Things go surprisingly well Ė and Flora is soon demanding that his wandering eye come to a full stop. But then a cute little waitress becomes interested in Dean and she soon proves that Dean is an amateur when it comes to manipulation.
There really isnít much more to this film than that, but it does have some enjoyable scenes. In one Dean displays some amazing bowling skills as he bowls the ball backwards between his legs for strikes (I wonder how many takes that needed!) and he and Flora put on a nifty ballroom dance performance. The best is saved for last though as Dean races wildly through the streets of Hong Kong in various cars and motorcycles in an enjoyable and funny chase in which the crashes and car wreck count is very high.
Even so, this film doesnít have the snap and energy of many of Cinema Citys later films and feels caught in a bit of a time warp.

Sammo Hung and Maka have a quick cameo in the film.

My rating for this film: 5.0