Ladies Killer

Carrie Ng made me do it. Pick up and watch this film that is. There are times when you need a quick fix of her glossy glorious red lipsticked look in full regalia. This was one of those times. Carrie wears lipstick like a gunfighter carries his six-guns – proud with a cold fearless challenge always there on her face – anyone in this town more woman than I am? She struts her lipstick glamour across the screen like the Rockettes kicking on parade - a shooting star across the sky – blister red like a broken bleeding heart.
Regretfully, this film has nothing more to offer than those well coifed lips. It is a slipshod production that fell far short of its needed running time and so scenes from another film are periodically thrown in. These extra scenes make no sense except that they were able to find ones that included actor Chung Fat in them. Chung Fat also appears in the regular film – but the extras have no subs (as the rest of the film does) and is also lacking in the clothes department. In fact, all the scenes are fairly explicit sex scenes with loads of nudity (though thankfully not from Chung).
Excluding this (though in truth they are more entertaining than the real film), the film is about a series of killings – quick cuts to the throat. But we know from the very beginning that the killer is Chung Fat and he is killing people that have a relationship of some kind to his ex-wife, Carrie. The film just has a tawdry cheap look to it and I can’t image what was the purpose of making it. Except maybe it was to pad out the sex scenes and I have assumed it was the other way around. There is no suspense, no logic, no nothing. It is the kind of film in which one character has his throat cut – and later appears at Carrie’s door – looking to have crawled all the way, but before he can tell her who the killer is, he dies. Maybe you should have called!
Carrie has appeared in her fair share of bad low budget films, but this must have been very close to the bottom of the barrel – rent to pay? Somehow Melvin Wong also found his way into this, but had the good fortune of having his throat cut fairly early on! Anyway in summary – film very very bad, lipstick very very good.

My rating for this film: 2.0