Hooker's World

This is just a very brief comment on this film – more like a warning on a pack of cigarettes than a film review. Sadly there are people out there (like myself) who on occasion purchase a film based only on the cover art and go into it with at least some expectations that the cover truthfully represents the film to some degree. Alas time has taught me that this is not always the case – but apparently not taught me hard enough because I once again fell prey to a salacious cover. Even the fellow at the dvd store advised me not to waste my money, but hell with a picture of a naked Sophie Ngan holding an equally naked Grace Lam you would have needed a herd of wild horses to pull that dvd out of my sweaty little hand. Next time perhaps I will listen – or perhaps not.
Lets just say there is more flesh exposed at a Muslim wedding than there is in this film. This may be the mildest and most antiseptic film yet ever made about that subject of hundreds of films – the Hong Kong hooker. There are rumors that Disney may pick up the rights to play it on their cable station right after an episode of Annette and the Mouskateers. It’s about a household of very cheerful girls who run sexual errands to nearby hotels and who are supervised by a sympathetic mamasan (veteran actress Ha Ping) and a pimp who should be drilled out of the union for being so sweet and not once hitting one of his girls. Hasn’t he seen enough HK movies to know that pimps have to stomp on their working girls at least every few days and get sexual favors from them? This guy lives in a household of lovely sexually active women and gets less than a Bishop in a boy’s seminary (actually probably a lot less). One of the girls gets killed – a cop played by Simon Loui is under suspicion – and his cop girlfriend Grace Lam goes undercover to discover the killer – all without ever getting naked with Sophie. The film is shot on video and is awful in every conceivable and imaginable way.

My rating for this film: 0