Shaolin Iron Eagle

The quality of the transfer was so poor that I did not bother to capture any pictures.

This film once again revolves around Judy Lee (Chia Ling) looking to revenge her father – something that Judy often seems to find herself doing in films – but this one has some intriguing aspects to it. It also has some solid talent performing the kung fu action, but what it doesn’t have enough of (from a Judy Lee fan) is Judy being involved in this action. She only has two lengthy fight scenes even though she is the central character. What is enjoyable about her performance is watching her intense hatred for the men behind the death of her father and her absolute lack of mercy.

Revenge can sometimes take a long time coming. Judy’s father was framed for a crime and executed fifteen years previously and now when she is old enough and has the required kung fu killing skills she arrives in a small town looking for vengeance. The four men are now all elderly and respectable. One is a kung fu master who teaches his son and the son of one of the other men.

Life seems good, the incident far in the past, a birthday party about to commence – but within a few days one of them men will have been blinded, another lost his ears and yet another has had his arm cut off. Judy is angry – but in no hurry to kill her victims. The kung fu master turns out to be a much tougher and nastier target and soon a number of other people are soon dead. The two sons and good friends try to investigate what is happening to their fathers and when they learn the truth they have gut wrenching decisions to make.

The film was generally enjoyable – some gaps in which not a lot happens though – but the martial art quality of the actors involved (unfortunately I don’t know their names) is top notch and entertaining.

My rating for this film: 5.5