Behind the Pink Door

Director: Lam Gam-fung
Year: 1992

This is one of the more tepid rape/revenge films that I have ever come across. That sub-genre of revenge films has certain rules that you have to follow – horrible victimization followed eventually by gut wrenching cathartic satisfaction at the fate of the rapist or rapists. This film leaves the viewer on a totally downbeat anti-climatic ending that puts forth the moral position that you should not take the law into your own hands no matter what. What the hell. No, not in these kinds of films – that is the entire purpose of their existence – that sometimes you have no moral choice except to reap revenge. Of course that isn’t the only reason for this film to have been produced. The other one is nudity and sex and on that front this film delivers in spades with numerous sexual trysts occurring that often have nothing to do with the narrative. Just good old fashioned exploitation. Nothing wrong with that of course but as a warning the sex is squalid, rough and rather wretched.

Lyon (Matsukaka Hiroko) is driving home one evening when her car breaks down on a deserted road and she looks for help. This being Hong Kong of course the first car that drives by is full of leering men who take her to the side of the road and rape her. She calls her boyfriend (Alex Fong) and her sister Wella (Pauline Chan) to come get her and wants to initially go to the police. But her boyfriend Chin is a cop and thinks it will look bad that as a cop he could not protect his girlfriend and so he says he will take care of things. Lyon discovers that she has caught a venereal disease but unlike Pauline Wong in Her Vengeance or Chen Ping in The Kiss of Death who grab revenge like a strangled chicken, she just kills herself.

Since Chin knows by this time who was behind her rape, you would think this would send him off in a killing fury, but he wants to jail them for some of their other illegal activities and bides his time like a two-bit Hamlet. It is up to Wella (a bar hostess who is rightfully assigned to the “Big Bust” group!), to set the spider sex web for her sisters rapists. But after so much trashy exploitation, you might be expecting a snap crackle pop ending but for whatever reason the filmmakers go soft just when they needed to go for the jugular. This was one of Pauline’s first films in the business and there are a few nice close-ups of her face and of course the required gaze at her breasts. Alex Fong had already been acting for about five years, but I have to say this is some ghastly acting here on his part – it wasn’t really for another few years till he was able to bring some substance to a role.

My rating for this film: 4.5