Hunting Evil Spirit

Director: Fong Yuen-shing/Fong Yau
Year: 1999

The women who entered the Cat III film industry did it for their own reasons and on their own volition, but even so there are times when you have to feel awfully sorry for them. Sure, getting naked is part of the business and you have to expect a bit of pretend torture, a bit of embarrassment, some tomfoolery and of course a fair amount of simulated foreplay and sex – but still, there should be limits to any one’s endurance. And that should be having to get naked and entwined with Charlie Cho. Cho was practically an institution in these types of films from the 1980’s through the 90’s – his leering lip licking smile is almost as much a Hong Kong landmark as the Convention Center. How this came about I can’t imagine but if the Book of Guinness Records has a stat for simulated sex in movies, Charlie Cho’s name would have to be there (unless Elvis Tsui beat him out by a whisker) beside it. Cho is the kind of guy you would avoid sitting next to on the subway and if for some reason you had to then you would want a long shower as soon as you got home. Not that he is an ugly fellow – he just gives off such sweaty hentai vibes that you just want to look at him out of the side of your eye. No doubt, as I have heard about Elvis, in real life he is probably a wonderful guy with a loving family but I sure would not accept an invitation to dinner at his house.

In Hunting Evil Spirit, lucky Charlie gets down and dirty with three different actresses – in one instance for a really lengthy and graphic grappling that had me reaching for the fast forward button. He was not shy, nor was she. Maybe she is Mrs. Cho. He plays Mr. Chen, an owner of a swimsuit and underwear manufacturing company and he makes good use of the models that parade about – but his true passion is Pauline (Pauline Chan) one of his designers. She has a boyfriend though and wants nothing to do with Charlie and this frustrates him so much that he naturally turns to a Taoist priest to aid him in his time of need – “I want to fever” he tells the priest who goes by the apt name of Black Magic (Fong Yau, who also gets co-directing credit if the word credit can be used here). No problem – fever you will – and he sends Chen’s spirit off to rape Pauline – who thinking this must be a dream, enjoys the experience more than one would hope.

Later though she begins to worry – could this have been a supernatural experience and so fortunately her boyfriend (Andy Dai) has a female cousin who is a witch. Don’t we all. Suchi (Otomo Rena) has an ever more powerful witch sister (Alvina Kong) named East Evil (which sounds like a bad business decision – would you go see a witch with the word “evil” attached to her?) but she is in Thailand getting a remedial course after Black Magic bested her in an earlier encounter. Mr. Chen wants more of course and so the two wizards battle for the possession of Pauline’s body but then Black Magic throws in the Blood Spell and all bets are off. Lots of nudity and cheap special effects are on hand – the only really magical thing we witness are Pauline’s supernatural breasts in a shower scene (among others) – where oddly she keeps her panties on – maybe something she picked up from a Harry Potter book to ward off evil spirits?

My rating for this film: 4.0