1/3 Lover


Angel of Vengeance

Angel Terminators II

Angel the Kickboxer

Angels, The

Angel's Mission

Avenging Quartet

Beauty Investigator

Big Deal, The

Book of Heroes, A

Brave Young Girls

Burning Ambition


Close Escape

Deadly Target

Devil Cat

Digital Warriors

Direct Line

Double Sin

Dreaming the Reality

Drugs Fighters

Emergency Call '95

Fatal Chase

Final Run


Funny Family

Ghost's Love

Godfather's Daughter

Gold Rush

Golden Nightmare

Guardian Angel

Hard to Kill

His Way, Her Way

It Takes a Thief

Kickboxer's Tears

Kung Fu Wonder Child

Leopard Hunting

Lethal Panther

Love to Kill

Lover's Tears

Lucky Seven 2

Midnight Angel

Millionaires Express

Mission of Justice

Never Say Regret

OUAT in Manila

Outlaw Brothers


Power Connection

Project S

Punch to Revenge

Serious Shock!

Spiritually a Cop

Story of the Gun

Story of Ricky

Super Cops

Tapang Sa Tapang

That's Money

Tiger Angels

To Kiss is Fatal

Ultracop 2000

Vengeance is Mine

Win Them All

Xing Qi Gong