One thing that has always bothered me about watching HK films is that I so often see actors that I am not able to put a name to. So I thought I would simply get pictures for as many actors as I know the name of  - and in some instances ones that I do not - in hopes that someone else might be able to give me their name. I have also included some information or opinions about some of these actors though in many instances I know nothing of them other than a few of the films they have been in.

I will gladly accept and include any information on any of the actors that anyone wishes to send in - or please feel free to correct any misinformation. This is clearly a work in progress  (through the letter "X") - and always will be as I plan to continue to add actors whenever I come across new ones. The focus so far is primarily on actors post the 1970's kung fu era, but with the release of the Shaw Brothers and Cathay films I will be adding some actors from those studios.

I would like to acknowledge a number of sources - John Charles and Sebastian Tse from the Mobius Board for identifying many actors for me, Ryans' Hong Kong Movie Database, Sanneys Entertainment Site, various other sites on the Internet from the Asian Movie News Group to personal web sites and many of the written sources in my Literary section. In particular, the John Charles book - "Hong Kong Filmography 1977 - 1997" was very valuable. And a very big thanks to Crayon, James Chang, Yves Gendron and Sebastian for contributing many of the factoids and writing within. And of course a special thanks to YTSL who edits and adds information to every page.

Some of these pages are picture intensive, so loading time may be slow.

1. Aaron Kwok Fu Sing  Amy Kwok Oi Ming 
2. Amy Yip Ji-mie  Austin Wai Tin Chi
3. Baan Ma Chai  Bruce Lee 
4. Candice Yu On On Chang Siu-yin 
5. Charine Chan Ga-ling  Chin Siu Ho 
6. Chingmy Yau Suk-ching  Cynthia Rothrock 
7. Damian Lau Chung Yan  Derek Yee Tung-sing 
8. Diana Pang Dan  Dorris Lung Jun Er 
9. Eason Chan Yik Shun  Eugenia Yuan 
10. Fan Siu Ming Fung King Man 
11. Gabriel Harrison Gua Ah Leh
12. Ha Chi Chun Hung Ye 
13. Idy Chan Yuk-lin  Ivy Ling Po
14. Jack Kao Jie  James Wong Jim 
15. Jaime Luk Kim-ming  Jet Li
16. Jimmy Lin Chi-ying John Sham Kin-fun
17. John Tang Yat-gwan  Julian Cheung Chi-lam 
18. Kam Hing Yin  Kelly Lam Hei-lui
19. Kelvin Wong-siu  Kent Cheng Jak-si 
20. Kim Maree Penn Kwan Tak-hing
21. Lai Yin San Lau Shun
22. Lau Siu Ming Leo Koo
23. Leon Lai Ming Linda Wong Hing-ping
24. Liu Fan Lydia Shum
25. Ma Chao Mars
26. Max Mok Siu-chong Michael Woods
27. Michelle Reis Mui Siu-wai
28. Nadia Chan Chung-ling Ngai Sing
29. Nicholas Tse Ting-fung Ouyang Shafei
30. Pai Ying Pauline Yeung Bo-ling
31. Paulyn Suen Kai Kwan Polly Shang Kwan Ling Fong
32. Rain Lau Yuk-chui Ricky Hui Goon-ying
33. Robin Shou Wan-bo Ruby Wong Cheuk-ling
34. Sai Gwa Pau Sato Keiji
35. Season Ma Si-san Shum Wai
36. Sibelle Hu Hui Chung Stephen Chan
37. Stephen Chow Sing-chi Sylvia Chang
38. Tai Bo Theresa Lee Yee Hung
39. Ti Lung Tina Leung
40. To Gai Fa Tze Miu
41. Valerie Chow Kar-ling Vivian Wu
42. Waise Lee Chi-hung Wilson Lam Chun-yin
43. Wilson Tong Wei-Shing Wong Tao
44. Wong Ting-lam Wyman Wong Wai-man
45. Xiong Xin Xin .
46. Yam Sai-koon Yoyo Mung Ka-wai
47. Yu Hai Yu Rong Guang
48. Yueh Hua Yvonne Yung
49. Yuen Wah .
X. Unknown to me - none right now .