June 2006 Film Reviews
Film Title 
The Shoe Fairy Hong Kong/Taiwan 2006

May 2006 Film Reviews
Film Title 
Bet to Basic Hong Kong 2006
# 49 Days Hong Kong 2006
# Shopaholics Hong Kong 2006
# Cocktail Hong Kong 2006
My Kung Fu Sweetheart Hong Kong 2006
Groundwalk Hong Kong 2006

May 2006 Misc.
Here are some very short remarks about 15 books on Bollywood. 
YTSL sends in her impressions of the 2006 Hong Kong International Film Festival
Michael Wells once again writes elegantly about some films he saw in two festivals dedicated to classic Chinese films from long ago - here & here
Some pictures I came across in a book on the legendary actress, Ruan Lingyu
I had wanted to write up reviews on many more Korean films than this, but I just haven't had the time unfortunately - so for now just these films
I have posted this elsewhere but figured I may as well put it on my own site - so here is my Top 10 Korean films from 2005

March 2006 Film Reviews
Film Title 
We Shall Overcome Someday (Pacchigi) Japan 2004
Always, Sunset on Third Street Japan 2005
# Hit Man File Thailand 2005
Girlfriend, Someone Please Stop the World Japan 2004

March 2006 Misc.
Some more picts from lobby cards - Kickboxer's Tears, Red Dust and Her Name is Cat
One more of the sites film raters comes through with her HK Top 10 film list - from Elif Kaya
Michael Wells finally gets around to Seven Swords and throws in his two cents as an addition to his Tsui Hark Report

February 2006 Film Reviews
Film Title 
Oh! My Zombie Mermaid Japan 2004
Linda, Linda, Linda Japan 2005
# Rice Rhapsody Hong Kong 2005
Perhaps Love Hong Kong 2005

February 2006 Misc.
I stumbled across a number of Lobby cards of some HK films and scanned some of the picts - Eastern Condors, Robotrix, Flying Daggers - more to come
Michael Thomason weighs in on HK film in 2005 and his Top 10 film picks
Here are 3 HK 2005 Top 10 lists and comments - more to come later this month - from YTSL, Steve Barr and myself. Thanks to these folks for doing this.
Michael Wells wakes from his winter slumber and offers up two essays on Japanese cinema - The Water Magician and Part 3 of "Early Autumn"

January 2006 Film Reviews
Film Title 
# Fearless Hong Kong 2006
Bayside Shakedown series Japan Var.
Aegis Japan 2005
Midnight, My Love Thailand 2005
Crying Tiger Thailand 2005
Hands in the Hair Hong Kong/China 2005
# Moonlight in Tokyo Hong Kong 2005
# A Chinese Tall Story Hong Kong 2005

January 2006 Misc.
A few more picts - Miriam Yeung who annoys me to no end, Maggie Q who doesn't and Michelle Reis who never could - here, here and here
For your reading pleasure - a lengthy and terrific essay called "Out of Okiku's Well: Women in post-Ringu J-Horror"
The first pictures of 2006 - two Chinese Geisha's - Zhang Ziyi and Michelle Yeoh (Michelle, what were you thinking for some of these?)

December 2005 Film Reviews
Film Title 
Wait Till You're Older Hong Kong 2005
Home Sweet Home Hong Kong 2005
# The Promise China/HK 2005
Dreams Come True Hong Kong 1960
Big Bad Sis Hong Kong 1976
Happily Ever After Hong Kong 1960
The Lark Hong Kong 1964
Ankhen India 1968
Nagin India 1976
Ajanabee India 1974
Lamhe India 1991
Bruce Lee and I Hong Kong 1975
Kunoichi: Lady Ninjas/Deadly Mirage Japan 1998

December 2005 Misc.
The last pictures of 2005 - who else but Maggie Cheung - here, here and here
Just a few pictures of Kristy Yeung. She doesn't seem to make many more films any more and sticks primarily to TV - but she is looking better than ever here
More pictures I can throw out - Rosamund Kwan 1, 2, - Vivian Hsu 1, 2, - Karena Lam 1, 2
Four out of five doctors recommend not ingesting so much cuteness at one sitting - so please be careful - The Twins - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
Some brief comments on a bunch of books I recently read on Japanese cinema.
Winter cleaning continues - picts of Vicky Zhao, Pinky Cheung 1, 2, Christy Chung 1, 2 and Diana Pang Dan
For some reason I had no picts of Zhang Ziyi on this site - so even though I don't think these capture her beauty that well - here are some 1, 2
More pictures - emptying out my cupboards - Athena Chu, Niki Chow here and here and the R2 sisters Racine and Rosanne Wong here and here
Angelica Lee and Kate Yeung - here, here and here
Whatever happened to Gigi Leung - never thought I would say it but I kind of miss her - whats Ekin done with her - lots of  picts of her here - 1, 2, 3, 4
More picts since I am still having trouble capturing dvd images - Cheung Man still looking yummie, Tiffany Lee still looking young and the Yipster looking large
Some pictures of Cecilia Cheung and of course a few more of Hsu Chi

November 2005 Film Reviews
Film Title 
# Sha Po Lang Hong Kong 2005
Shoot My Darlin' Japan 1997
# Dragon Squad Hong Kong 2005
# All About Love  Hong Kong 2005

November 2005 Misc.
My final pictures of Connie Chan Po-chu - here and here.
We have added one more person to the Ratings Grid! Sarah Knight has been kind enough to share her opinions on too many HK films.
I am delighted to add Elif Kaya to the Ratings Grid. She is a big fan of Asian films and is always willing to tell you what she likes and what she doesn't!
An overview of the rise and fall of the Shaw Brothers studio has been written up by Tom Green - check it out here
A fifth sick puppy has been added to the Ratings Grids - Mike has seen way too many movies and will have his own HK movie site up soon - 2004 2005

October 2005 Film Reviews
Film Title 
# Election Hong Kong 2005
# Bullet Wives Thailand 2005
# Curse of the Sun Thailand 2004
# Everlasting Regret Hong Kong/China 2005
# The Myth Hong Kong/China 2005
# Company  India 2002

October 2005 Misc.
As an ongoing feature, a Ratings Grid has been put up for HK films from 2004 and 2005 with the ratings of four of us so far. 
More Connie Chan pictures - 1, 2, 3 and 4 more pages of them
And here are some more pictures of the great Connie Chan - 1, 2, 3 - and still more to come!
Here are some pictures of Connie Chan - more to come
Michael Wells continues with his reports on Early Autumn: Masterworks of Japanese Cinema at Moma.
Michael Wells has Part 1 on his field reports on Early Autumn: Masterworks of Japanese Cinema at Moma.
Some pictures of the legendary Japanese singer/actress Hibari Misora

September 2005 Film Reviews
Film Title 
The Golden Sword Hong Kong 1969
Sad Whistle/Tokyo Kid Japan 1949/1950
# Black India 2004

September 2005 Misc.
Picts of Rosamund Kwan who looks better the older she gets, Vicky Zhao and Jade Leung who seems to get bustier the older she gets!.

August 2005 Film Reviews
Film Title
# Drink, Drank, Drunk Hong Kong 2005
Fear of Intimacy Hong Kong 2005
Barsaat India 2005
It Had to Be You Hong Kong 2005
# Seven Swords Hong Kong 2005
Set Up Hong Kong 2005
Tom Yum Goong, Sars Wars Thailand 2005/2004
AV Hong Kong 2005
# Mob Sister (Ah Sou) Hong Kong 2005
The Eye 10 Hong Kong 2005
The Hand/ EROS Hong Kong 2005

August 2005 Misc.
Some might ask whether this site already has enough pictures of Hsu Chi - the answer is of course: no, never.
Some pictures of Yoyo Mung and Cathy Tsui from Maxim magazine
Lots of picts of Brigitte Lin from a book from China - here, here, here, here, here and here

July 2005 Film Reviews
Film Title 
# Initial D Hong Kong 2005
Yaowarat, Butterfly in Grey Thailand 2003/2002
Bangkok Loco, The Overture Thailand 2004

June 2005 Film Reviews
Film Title 
Women on the Run Hong Kong 1993

May 2005 Film Reviews
Film Title 
Female Slave Ship Japan 1960
# Color of the Loyalty Hong Kong 2005
Zeiram I and 2 Japan 1991/1994
# Legend of the Dragon Hong Kong 2005
Lady Black Cat Hong Kong 1966
 # Divergence Hong Kong 2005
Kaal India 2005

May 2005 Miscellaneous
More Bollywood picts - co-starring with Jackie in his next film - Mallika Sherawat & Celina, Priyanka, Preity
Lots of Bollywood actresses - Tabu, Diya Mirza, Bipsasha Basu, Neha Dhupia and Shilpa Shetty
I have for better or worse decided to review some Japanese films here
Italdesign has completely revised his Top 10 list of Chinese films

April 2005 HK Reviews
Film Title 
I'll Get You One Day Connie Chan, Nancy Sit, Kenneth Tsang 1970
Dragon Fortress Connie Chan Po-chu, Kenneth Tsang, Suet Nei 1968
Just for Fun Frankie Chan, Sally Yeh, Wu Ma, Melvin Wong 1983
# House of Fury Anthony Wong, The Twins, Stephen Fung, Daniel Wu 2005
# Slim Till Dead Anthony Wong, Cherrie Ying 2005

April 2005 Miscellaneous
More Bollywood babes - Aishwarya, Lara Dutta, Celina Jaitley and Kajol's baby sister Tanisha
Bollywood picts - Amisha Patel, Esha Deol, Koena Mitra, Mallika Sherawat, Bipasha Basu 

March 2005 HK Reviews
Film Title 
Interpol Tang Ching, Margaret Tu Chuan 1967
# Colour Blossoms Teresa Cheung, Keiko Matsuzaka 2004
Mad, Mad, Mad Sword Tien Ching 1969
# Seoul Raiders Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Hsu Chi, Richie Ren 2005
 It's Always Spring Julie Yeh Feng, Helen Li Mei 1962

March 2005 Non HK Reviews & Miscellaneous
One of the great gangster films comes from Bollywood - Anabela reviews Satya
From the great star of Hot Cop in the City - Tiffany Lee  - a few picts
My Top 10 Hong Kong films for 2004 and other Asian film favorites
Anabela takes on Lagaan and swears never to watch cricket ever again
Here are 2 pages of picts of Rosanne and Racine Wong - a.k.a. R2 - both impressive in "Ab-Normal Beauty"
Here are some picts of older actors I came across in a magazine - can anyone help ID many of them?
Some pictures of Hsu Chi, Faye Wong and the scandalous Teresa Cheung
It's not quite Bollywood, it's not quite Hollywood - it's Bride and Prejudice - a review by Anabela
YTSL gives her Top 10 Hong Kong films from 2004 - mine should be along next week I hope.
Celestial has produced three documentaries on HK film - here is a bit of info on them
Here are two reviews of the popular Bollywood film - Hum Aapke Hain Koun - one positive, one negative

February 2005 HK Reviews
Film Title 
Ladies First Jeanette Lin, Christine Pai, Roy Chiao 1960
# Elixir of Love Miriam Yeung, Richie Ren 2003
The Lady Hermit Cheng Pei-pei, Shih Szu, Lo Lieh 1971
# Himalaya Singh Ronald Cheng, Francis Ng, Lau Ching-wan, Cherrie Ying 2005
Hot Cop in the City Tiffany Lee, Sonija Kwok 2004
Boxer's Story Yuen Biao, Gloria Yip 2004
Spring Blossoms Lily Li, Essie Lin Chia, Shu Pei-pei 1967
Beyond Our Ken Gillian Chung, Daniel Wu, Tao Hung 2004
The Dream of the Red Chamber Brigitte Lin, Sylvia Chang 1977
 Butterfly Josie Ho, Isabel Chan, Tian Yuan, Joman Chiang 2004

February 2005 Non HK Reviews & Miscellaneous
Anabela takes on Bollywood and Devdas
Here are three Thai horror film reviews - Shutter, House of Mad Souls and The Omen

January 2005 HK Reviews
Film Title 
Temptress of a Thousand Faces Tina Chin-fei, Pat Ting, Chen Liang 1968
# Crazy N the City Eason Chan, Francis Ng, Joey Yung 2005
# Kung Fu Hustle Stephen Chow, Yuen Wah, Qiu Yuen 2004
Ab-Normal Beauty Racine and Rosanne Wong, Anson Leung 2004
Heat Team Aaron Kwok, Eason Chan, Victoria Wu 2004
Hidden Heroes Ronald Cheng, Charlene Choi 2004
Papa Loves You Tony Leung Ka-fai, Charlene Choi 2004
Herbal Tea Jordan Chan, Candy Lo 2004
# A World Without Thieves Andy Lau, Rene Liu, Ge You 2004
# New Police Story Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse, Daniel Wu, Charlie Yeung 2004
# One Nite in Mongkok Cecilia Cheung, Daniel Wu, Alex Fong 2004

January 2005 Miscellaneous
Some pictures of one of the greats - Linda Lin Dai
It was a snowy weekend and for some reason I watched the Zero Woman films - and reviewed all of them!
Michael Wells gives us some tasty bite size opinions on many of the films of Tsui Hark
Three Thai film reviews- Pii Hua Kaad 2, The Adventure of Iron Pussy and The Tesseract
Maxim Magazine - picts of Michelle Reis, Joey Yung, Athena Chu and Josie Ho